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D&S Trading Co.,Ltd. is a professional machine trading company, which respresative for our relative factorys. We supply you first class quality machine with best service. Our machine include all faucets, valve, brass fitting, cartridge, brass parts, teflon tape machines. We sold to China, india, brazil, iran, pakistan, bangladesh, russian, turk...

  • Polishing Machine
    Polishing Machine

    Use on the hardware’s surface of copper, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc and other materials to grind and polish. By changing abrasive belts with different width and particle size according to the work piece’s toughness and smoothness, you can process your work piece quickly and precisely. It can also use with rubber wheel, cloth wheel and grinding wheel. Low working noise and power demand, easy and safe to use. Environment-friendly design prevents outgoing air flow and dust. Easy-to-clean and space-smart dust removal system can reach 95% de-dust level, ideal for dust control and recycle.

  • Brass Spindle Making Machine
    Brass Spindle Making Machine

    1. From Brass bar cutting machine to cut into small pcs. 2. Using autmatic lathe machine( full/manual) to process the thread, groove. etc. 3. Using hex machine to make the hex. We will make machine tools ,clampers according to your sample, and test machine ready for you. give samples for you confirm.

  • Complete Faucet Making Machine
    Complete Faucet Making Machine

    We supply two spindle machine, two shaft machine, three spindles, six spindle machine for faucet . welcome you send samples for order machine, and visiting.

  • Testing Machine
    Testing Machine

    Thermostatic Fancets Comprehensive Tester

  • Teflon Tap Machine Production Line
    Teflon Tap Machine Production Line

    We supply completed teflon tape production line. from ptfe powder to finish products. Our machine is sold to 90% teflon tape factory in China, and also sold to india, bangladesh, etc. quality is very good and stable. We give engineer to start machines to produce in your factory . And guarantee you can produce well.  welcome come to visit !

  • Valves Machine Production line
    Valves Machine Production line

    Seven spindle automatic cnc lathe machine One time can finish angle valve body, concealed stop valve body, ball valve ,etc. Full automatic, high precision. high effectifficy .

  • Fire Sprinkler Processing Devices
    Fire Sprinkler Processing Devices

    semifinished product processing equipment,plug processing equipment,glass ball assembly machine,plug oring assembly machine,press tester.Fire sprinkler manufacturing devices.

  • Shot Blasting Machine
    Shot Blasting Machine

    Surface cleaning Shot-blasting equipment is first used to cast steel, cast iron surface sand and oxide skin removal. Almost all steel castings, ash castings, ma-steel, ductile iron, etc., are treated with shot blasting. This is not only to remove the surface oxide and sand from the castings. At the same time, it is also an indispensable preparation procedure before the quality inspection of castings. For example, the shell of a large gas turbine must be strictly shot peeled before non-destructive inspection. In order to ensure the reliability of the inspection results. In general casting production, shot peening cleaning is the discovery of casting surface defects such as subcutaneous porosity, slag hole, sand, cold barrier. Surface cleaning of non-ferrous metal castings, such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, etc. The main purpose is to remove the burr of the die castings by shot peening and to obtain the surface quality with decoration meaning, so as to obtain the comprehensive effect...

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