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  • drilling and tapping machine
    Vertical turntable drilling and tapping composite machine

    Manual drilling tapping compound machine

    PLC Control Program Control, man-machine interface friendly dialogue, intuitive programming easy to operate, ordinary people can quickly learn

  • Rotary polishing machine factory
  • Special Machine for Process Brass Ball Valve
    Brass Ball Valve Body Machine

    Brass ball valve body machine is specially for the brass valve, angle valve, gate valve machine, can finish valve in one time. which had seven spindls. machine it is matured, and quality very stable. We can give free trainning in our factory . guarantee machine produce very well.

  • Brass Valve Punching Machine
    Multi-station Punching Machine

    Brass Valve Punching Machine,Multi-station Punching Machine

    Precision ball screw, Bearings.Optional cnc controller system.Optional accessories, like Hydraulic chuck.R&D team, provide OEM design and services.

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