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Horizontal drilling, tapping, milling compound machine

  • March 11, 2020

People use machines every day to make work easier. Scissors and knives help cut things; wheels and ramps make it easier to move things. This lesson describes a few examples of compound machines.

Simple + Simple = Compound

Mrs. Jones has hired three boys to move rocks from a house down the street to the garden in her backyard. There are a lot of medium-sized rocks to move and the boys really don't want to move them by hand. They decide to use compound machines to make this job easier.

Compound machines are just machines that are made up of two or more simple machines. Simple machines include a wedge, an inclined plane (like a ramp), a screw, a pulley, a wheel and axle, and a lever.

Horizontal drilling & tapping milling compound machine is like this. Single side two spindle unit, on the silver track slide to push the spindle unit at the same time to complete drilling, tapping, milling process. One -time clamping, can place 2 workpiece, complete drilling, tapping, milling process, heavy-duty cutting.

High rigid structure, five-face Milling Processing Center to complete the base processing at one time, to ensure the concentricity of the two spindle units, the best stability.

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