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D&S Automatic Co.,Ltd. ,located at the China plumbing town of Fujian Nan'an,It is a professional machine company. We supply you modern facilities,such as faucet, valve, brass fitting, cartridge, brass fittings, teflon tape and all kinds of machines. Our major service are manufacturing, sourcing, production, sales and service which includes engineer training in your factory . We sold to China, India, Brazil, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Prussian, Turkey,Uganda,Algeria, etc. Warmly welcome to visit our factories. Call us or mail us, thank you! Quality Control & Certificate All of our products R&D process and production process is strictly following the ISO9001:2008 policy. Our products Our main product range including : Complete Faucet Making Machine Valves Machine Production line Fire Sprinkler Processing Devices Teflon Tap Machine Production Line Brass Spindle/Brass Fitting Making Machine Polishing Machine Testing Machine Assemble Machine

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Our main products

Product Category
  • Complete Faucet Making Machine

    Welcome you to choose us as your professional faucet production line project .Our team will give you support from A- Z, from raw material to finish products . it is not just sellling machines( resin sand---mix machine---moulds---core shooting machine--- process machine ---polish machine ---chrome plate--- assembling machine---testing machine ---packing /delivery , it is long time coopreation with technical supporting.Our team will be there for you . Guarantee you produce good products.

    Complete Faucet Making Machine
    Complete Faucet Making Machine
  • Valves Machine Production line

    Seven spindle automatic cnc lathe machine One time can finish angle valve body, concealed stop valve body, ball valve ,etc. Full automatic, high precision. high effectifficy .

    Valves Machine Production line
    Valves Machine Production line
  • Fire Sprinkler Processing Devices

    semifinished product processing equipment,plug processing equipment,glass ball assembly machine,plug oring assembly machine,press tester.Fire sprinkler manufacturing devices.

    Fire Sprinkler Processing Devices
    Fire Sprinkler Processing Devices
  • Teflon Tape Machine Production Line

    We supply completed teflon tape production line. from ptfe powder to finish products. Our machine is sold to 90% teflon tape factory in China, and also sold to india, bangladesh, etc. quality is very good and stable. We give engineer to start machines to produce in your factory . And guarantee you can produce well.  welcome come to visit !

    Teflon Tape Machine Production Line
    Teflon Tape Machine Production Line
  • Brass Spindle Making Machine

    1. From Brass bar cutting machine to cut into small pcs. 2. Using autmatic lathe machine( full/manual) to process the thread, groove. etc. 3. Using hex machine to make the hex. We will make machine tools ,clampers according to your sample, and test machine ready for you. give samples for you confirm.

    Brass Spindle Making Machine
    Brass Spindle Making Machine
  • Polishing Machine

    Use on the hardware’s surface of copper, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc and other materials to grind and polish. By changing abrasive belts with different width and particle size according to the work piece’s toughness and smoothness, you can process your work piece quickly and precisely. It can also use with rubber wheel, cloth wheel and grinding wheel. Low working noise and power demand, easy and safe to use. Environment-friendly design prevents outgoing air flow and dust. Easy-to-clean and space-smart dust removal system can reach 95% de-dust level, ideal for dust control and recycle.

    Polishing Machine
    Polishing Machine
  • Testing Machine

    Thermostatic Fancets Comprehensive Tester

    Testing Machine
    Testing Machine
  • Processing Machine

    Welcome you to choose us as your professional faucet production line project .Our team will give you support from A- Z, from raw material to finish products . it is not just sellling machinesit is long time coopreation with technical supporting.Our team will be there for you . Guarantee you produce good products.

    Processing Machine
    Processing Machine

Our main products

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Sand Belt Lapping Equipment
Flat Polisher Lapper Machine
Anti-frictio Testing Machine for Fire Hose
Fire Hose Abrasion Resistance Tester
Seam Strength Testing Machine for Fire Rotary
Fire Rotary Joint Seal & Strength Tester
Brass Cutting Machine
Automatic Brass Bar Cutting Machine
Automatic Ptfe Powder Slitting Machine
Ptfe Tape Cutting Machine
Salt Spray Test Machine manufacturer
Salt Spray Test Machine
Hydraulic Hot Extrusion Equipment supplier
Hydraulic Hot Extrusion Equipment
Special Machine for Process Brass Ball Valve
Brass Ball Valve Body Machine

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June 13, 2022 Tape cutting machine operating procedures

Tape cutting machine operating procedures Reel installation: 1. All power switches must be turned off. Always unplug the power cord when the machine is not in use. 2. Select the appropriate tape tray. Generally, the inner diameter of the tape reel is -25, 32, 78 mm, and the outer diameter is up to 130 mm 3. The tape is installed on the tape reel. Be sure to check the direction of the reel and press the tape into the designated position to avoid misplacement. 4. Pull out the tape about 100mm long, and then put the tape reel into the bracket. If there is a gap between the tape reel and the tape, we can wrap some tape around the tape reel and make the two fit. Tape installation: 1. First turn off the power switch, and then open the safety cover, use the manual rocker to move the frame arm. 2. Adjust the blade until the blade is about to reach the rotating disc. 3. We disengage the frame arm from the rotating disc. 4. Pass the tape between the blades and stick it on the rotating disc. Be sure to keep it in the middle position and stick it firmly on the rotating disc. Steps: 1. Turn on the power switch; then press the start switch on the rotating disc. 2. Generally, before cutting the tape, it is necessary to check the accuracy of the length of the tape required for cutting by cutting two or three pieces of testing. 3. If we want the tape slices to stick to the disc, we can press the start switch again. 4. If the thermostat stops the machine due to overheating of the motor. At that time, use it after letting the motor cool down by all means. 5. Whenever the tape cutting machine opens the safety cover, the machine will stop automatically. 6. If you want to change the spacing of the tapes, you can adjust the cutting spacing knob on the right-hand side, which generally narrows clockwise and widens counterclockwise. 7. If you want to change the cutting length of the tape, you can adjust the length adjustment knob below, which is generally shortened clockwise and lengthened counterclockwise. Daily maintenance: 1. If the glue of the tape starts to stick to the blade after the machine is used for a period of time, then the blade will become difficult to cut the tape. 2. In order to wipe off the glue, we can use a cloth soaked in gasoline or alcohol to wipe the blade. 3. If the tape cannot stick to the rotating disc, please take some tape and stick it on the disc and press it until the dirt is removed. Precautions ; 1. When the equipment fails, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the repair should be reported immediately. 2. When we move the machine, please do not grab the rotating disc, so as not to damage the machine and cannot be used. 3. The machine can only be used to cut tapes. Do not cut sticks, pipes and other hard objects, so as not to damage the blade. Choose our D&S machines to provide you with the best Tape cutting machine.

Tape cutting machine operating procedures
  • May 11, 2022 What is a fully automatic sandblasting machine?

    What is an automatic sandblasting machine? What is the concept of a fully automatic sandblasting machine? How many types of automatic sandblasting machines are there? Our company has more than ten years of experience in producing sandblasting machines. The following is a detailed introduction I hope it will be helpful to the vast number of users. The automatic sandblasting machine is a kind of sandblasting machine. It also uses compressed air as the power and metal abrasive as the medium. The automatic of the automatic sandblasting machine refers to automatic sandblasting, automatic entry and exit of workpieces, automatic swinging of the spray gun, automatic abrasive sorting, automatic dust removal, etc. Anyway, except for the workpiece up and down, the rest do not need manual operation. There are 4 types of automatic sandblasting machines: Conveyor automatic sandblasting machine Conveyor type automatic sandblasting machine is also called flat type automatic sandblasting machine and assembly line sandblasting machine. It is a high-output automatic sandblasting machine. The products that need to be sanded are placed on the left side. The automatic conveyor belt will automatically bring the sandblasted products into the sandblasting room for automatic sandblasting. After the sandblasting is completed, the conveyor belt will remove the products. Bring it into the blowing room to automatically blow it clean, preferably the conveyor belt will automatically take the product out, and the product will be taken out manually. The whole process is completed automatically and continuously. Users can also according to the actual situation of the factory, such as with flow operation, in this case, the entire production process can be realized without manual operation. Conveyor-type automatic sandblasting machine is generally suitable for products: suitable for sandblasting of flat plates, discs, squares, profiles and other workpieces of the opposite sex, such as flat stainless steel plates, ordinary steel plates, glass steel plates, stone, non-stick pans, Baking pans, toasters, computer cases, functional DVD panels, notebooks, computer motherboards, decorative parts, brand badges, communication equipment, aluminum sheets, profiles and other special-shaped parts, etc. Turntable automatic sandblasting machine Rotary automatic sandblasting machine is also called rotary automatic sandblasting machine, intermittent automatic sandblasting machine and continuous automatic sandblasting machine. It is also a high-capacity, high-efficiency automatic sandblasting machine. The sandblasting turntable is equipped with 8 small turntables, which are further divided into 4 areas, the sandblasting loading and unloading area, the sandblasting waiting area, the sandblasting processing area, and the blowing room. Products that require a blasting machine are manually placed in the blasting loading and unloading area. The large turntable will automatically rotate, and the entire rot...

  • April 13, 2022 The working principle of spraying machine

    The main working part of the spraying machine is a double-acting pneumatic-hydraulic booster pump, and the reversing mechanism is a special form of pilot-type full-air-controlled air distribution reversing device. After entering the compressed air, when the piston moves to the upper end or lower end of the cylinder, the upper pilot valve or the lower pilot valve is activated, and the air flow is controlled to instantly push the gas distribution reversing device to change direction, so that the piston of the air motor can make a stable and continuous reciprocating motion. . Since the piston is rigidly connected to the plunger in the paint plunger pump, and the area of the piston is larger than that of the plunger. The inhaled paint is thus pressurized. The pressurized paint is transported to the airless spray gun through the high-pressure hose, and finally the hydraulic pressure is released at the airless nozzle, and sprayed to the surface of the coated object after instantaneous atomization to form a coating layer. The emergence of automatic spraying machines automates the production process and reduces manual input time. The automatic spraying machine can realize the electrostatic spraying process, and this process is more and more widely used. At present, most car manufacturers' painting lines use high-voltage electrostatic automatic spraying systems. Adjusting the shaping air volume of the sprayer can control the size of the spraying fan. The lower the shaping air volume, the larger the spraying fan. Appropriately reducing the amount of shaping air can reduce the long-wave orange peel of the paint film; however, when the amount of shaping air is too low, the sprayed paint mist will contaminate the rotating cup. The rotating speed of the rotary cup is the factor that has the greatest influence on the atomized particle size of the coating. When the rotating speed of the rotary cup is too low, the paint is poorly atomized, resulting in a rough paint film; the higher the rotating speed, the smaller the atomized particle size of the paint, and the better the smoothness of the paint film, but too fine atomization will lead to the loss of paint mist, and Will cause excessive wear of the automatic sprayer turbine bearing. Therefore, for solvent-based coatings, the rotating speed of the spraying machine should be controlled when spraying the middle coating and the color paint. When spraying the varnish, the rotating speed of the spraying machine should be controlled at 20000 ~ 35000r/min. At the same time, if the distance is too large, it will not only affect the utilization rate of the coating, but also adversely affect the smoothness of the coating. In fact, the surface finish of the coating is best when the spray flow reaches the critical state of sag. Therefore, several sets of different spraying control parameters can be determined according to the actual production situation, so that the spraying flow can always be guaranteed to be in a state of ...

  • March 10, 2022 What is the Automatic Slitting Machine?

    The traditional control scheme of the slitting machine is to use a large motor to drive the shaft of the rewinding and unwinding, and a magnetic powder clutch is added to the reeling and unwinding shaft. The resistance generated by the magnetic powder clutch is adjusted to control the surface tension of the material. . Magnetic powder clutches and brakes are special automatic actuators. They transmit torque through magnetic powder filled in the working gap. Changing the excitation current can change the magnetic state of the magnetic powder, and then adjust the transmitted torque. It can be used for stepless speed regulation from zero to synchronous speed, suitable for fine-tuning of high-speed section and speed regulation system of medium and small power. It is also used for the unwinding or rewinding tension control system that adjusts the torque by adjusting the current to ensure that the tension remains constant during the winding process. The main feature of the slitting machine is that the magnetic powder clutch acts as a resistance device, which is controlled by the system to output a DC voltage to control the resistance generated by the magnetic powder clutch. The main advantage is that it is a passive device and can control less tension. Its main disadvantage is that the speed cannot be high, and it is easy to cause high-speed friction of the magnetic powder during high-speed operation, resulting in high temperature, causing the magnetic powder clutch to heat up and shorten its life. advantage 1. Stable operation: the reeling of the paper is firm, the two sides are flat, and the noise is low. 2. Easy to operate: both sides of the paper tape after slitting are smooth and flat, without burrs. 3. Strong adaptability: the width of the upper and lower knives can be adjusted arbitrarily between 2 - 1700mm. 4. High output: the output of a single machine can be used by 3 coiling machines. Precautions 1. Before starting the machine, ensure that the voltage, current and hydraulic pressure are correct and stable. 2. Before the equipment is ready to run, all personnel must be notified to leave the equipment to ensure personal safety before starting the operation. 3. When running, do not touch the running film roll or roll core with your hands, so as to avoid personal injury caused by hand involvement. 4. During the operation, do not scratch or cut the roller cores with knives or hard objects. Maintenance 1. Oil circuit 2. Mechanical angle 3. Electrical aspects 4. Gas path Choose D&S Automatic Co.,Ltd we provide best quality Automatic Slitting Machine for you.

D&S Automatic Co.,Ltd. located at the China plumbing town of Fujian Nan'an,It is a professional machine company. We supply you modern facilities,such as faucet, valve, brass fitting, cartridge, brass fittings, teflon tape and all kinds of machines. 

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