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D&S Automatic Co.,Ltd. ,located at the China plumbing town of Fujian Nan'an,It is a professional machine company. We supply you modern facilities,such as faucet, valve, brass fitting, cartridge, brass fittings, teflon tape and all kinds of machines. Our major service are manufacturing, sourcing, production, sales and service which includes engineer training in your factory . We sold to China, India, Brazil, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Prussian, Turkey,Uganda,Algeria, etc. Warmly welcome to visit our factories. Call us or mail us, thank you! Quality Control & Certificate All of our products R&D process and production process is strictly following the ISO9001:2008 policy. Our products Our main product range including : Complete Faucet Making Machine Valves Machine Production line Fire Sprinkler Processing Devices Teflon Tap Machine Production Line Brass Spindle/Brass Fitting Making Machine Polishing Machine Testing Machine Assemble Machine

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Our main products

Product Category
  • Complete Faucet Making Machine

    Welcome you to choose us as your professional faucet production line project .Our team will give you support from A- Z, from raw material to finish products . it is not just sellling machines( resin sand---mix machine---moulds---core shooting machine--- process machine ---polish machine ---chrome plate--- assembling machine---testing machine ---packing /delivery , it is long time coopreation with technical supporting.Our team will be there for you . Guarantee you produce good products.

    Complete Faucet Making Machine
    Complete Faucet Making Machine
  • Valves Machine Production line

    Seven spindle automatic cnc lathe machine One time can finish angle valve body, concealed stop valve body, ball valve ,etc. Full automatic, high precision. high effectifficy .

    Valves Machine Production line
    Valves Machine Production line
  • Fire Sprinkler Processing Devices

    semifinished product processing equipment,plug processing equipment,glass ball assembly machine,plug oring assembly machine,press tester.Fire sprinkler manufacturing devices.

    Fire Sprinkler Processing Devices
    Fire Sprinkler Processing Devices
  • Teflon Tape Machine Production Line

    We supply completed teflon tape production line. from ptfe powder to finish products. Our machine is sold to 90% teflon tape factory in China, and also sold to india, bangladesh, etc. quality is very good and stable. We give engineer to start machines to produce in your factory . And guarantee you can produce well.  welcome come to visit !

    Teflon Tape Machine Production Line
    Teflon Tape Machine Production Line
  • Brass Spindle Making Machine

    1. From Brass bar cutting machine to cut into small pcs. 2. Using autmatic lathe machine( full/manual) to process the thread, groove. etc. 3. Using hex machine to make the hex. We will make machine tools ,clampers according to your sample, and test machine ready for you. give samples for you confirm.

    Brass Spindle Making Machine
    Brass Spindle Making Machine
  • Polishing Machine

    Use on the hardware’s surface of copper, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc and other materials to grind and polish. By changing abrasive belts with different width and particle size according to the work piece’s toughness and smoothness, you can process your work piece quickly and precisely. It can also use with rubber wheel, cloth wheel and grinding wheel. Low working noise and power demand, easy and safe to use. Environment-friendly design prevents outgoing air flow and dust. Easy-to-clean and space-smart dust removal system can reach 95% de-dust level, ideal for dust control and recycle.

    Polishing Machine
    Polishing Machine
  • Testing Machine

    Thermostatic Fancets Comprehensive Tester

    Testing Machine
    Testing Machine
  • Processing Machine

    Welcome you to choose us as your professional faucet production line project .Our team will give you support from A- Z, from raw material to finish products . it is not just sellling machinesit is long time coopreation with technical supporting.Our team will be there for you . Guarantee you produce good products.

    Processing Machine
    Processing Machine

Our main products

Hot Product
Sand Belt Lapping Equipment
Flat Polisher Lapper Machine
Anti-frictio Testing Machine for Fire Hose
Fire Hose Abrasion Resistance Tester
Seam Strength Testing Machine for Fire Rotary
Fire Rotary Joint Seal & Strength Tester
Brass Cutting Machine
Automatic Brass Bar Cutting Machine
Automatic Ptfe Powder Slitting Machine
Ptfe Tape Cutting Machine
Salt Spray Test Machine manufacturer
Salt Spray Test Machine
Hydraulic Hot Extrusion Equipment supplier
Hydraulic Hot Extrusion Equipment
Special Machine for Process Brass Ball Valve
Brass Ball Valve Body Machine

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latest News
November 28, 2022 The definition of a compound machine.

The broad definition (Laminator or Laminating Machine) is to heat two or more layers of the same or different materials such as cloth and cloth, cloth and paper, cloth and artificial leather, and various plastic and rubber sheet coils. A machine that is melted, semi-melted or combined with a special adhesive. At present, most of the search results of compound machines on the Internet are digital compound machines with copy function, because digital copiers also have compound functions, and digital copiers are a relatively wide range of office equipment, so when searching for compound machines, the search results of digital copiers more. Generally speaking, a compound machine refers to a compound device in home textiles, clothing, furniture, automotive interiors and other related industries. It is mainly used for the production of two or more layers of various types of cloth, leather, film, paper, sponge, etc. craft. Specifically, it can be divided into glue compounding and glueless compounding. Glue compounding is divided into water glue, PU oil glue, hot melt glue, etc. The glueless compounding process is mostly direct hot pressing bonding between materials or compounding with flame combustion. At present, the national standard for composite machines has been implemented. use: 1. Applied to glue lamination of cast film, breathable film and non-woven fabric. Suitable for baby diapers, medical protective clothing, food desiccant packaging bags and other industrial products. 2. Applied to non-woven fabrics and other materials for gluing, compounding (lamination) and slitting processing. It is suitable for the processing of matching filter materials for household air purifiers, car air purifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. Choose our D&S machines to provide you with the best compound machine.

The definition of a compound machine.
  • October 31, 2022 What is automatic water testing equipment?

    The pH value of water quality, through 3, ORP and other testing to test the water control instrument display the detection value of the control instrument, indicators, and equipment to monitor the water quality, by water quality / pool monitoring, monitoring automatic adjustment, control related equipment to achieve maintenance functional system. Product advantages ● Automatic water absorption: automatic water absorption through program control, with self-judgment function of water intake. ● Automatic silt drainage: The automatic silt drainage function is realized through program control and the design of water tank inclination. ● Automatic overflow: Through the firmware structure, the water can be exchanged up and down at the same time with the automatic silt removal to ensure the timeliness of measurement. ● Liquid level detection: real-time monitoring through liquid level gauge to ensure the rationality of the transmitted data. ● Automatic cleaning: Regular automatic cleaning through program control to ensure that the sensor measurement interface is clean. ● Automatic storage: Customize the storage period according to the needs, and save the records in real time. ● Power supply system: integrated design of solar panel, battery pack, controller, inverter, solar bracket/box. ● Pre-floating: Water is drawn through filtration to prevent air leakage from the bottom valve and ensure normal water intake. ● Low cost: no need to build a station building, it can be installed and used immediately, and the maintenance is simple. Organization The monitoring station adopts a three-layer architecture design of perception control layer, transmission communication layer and application service layer. (1) The perception layer is mainly for the construction of surface water quality monitoring sub-stations, including fixed stations, water station instrumentation integration and system integration. This layer can realize the collection of water quality monitoring data, alarm data, instrument equipment status data and environmental dynamic index data, and can also transmit video monitoring information, realize the network access between the monitoring station and the central terminal, and the reverse control of the monitoring station. (2) The main construction content of the transmission communication layer is the wireless communication link. (3) The application service layer receives, processes, summarizes, counts, and analyzes monitoring point data. This layer has dynamic real-time monitoring, historical data query, alarm data query, login log and operation log query, period statistics, curve analysis, user Management, measuring point management, historical data import and many other functions. Choose our D&S machines to provide you with the best automatic water testing equipment.

  • October 08, 2022 Cold saw cutting machine principle?

    Cold saw cutting machine principle: The cutting method of cold saw cutting machine is generally used in cutting machine and sawing machine. The requirement of cutting is to ensure that the steel incision section is not destroyed. Cold saw cutting machine in addition to a few square, round, Angle steel simple section sometimes used with the cross section of the shape of the shear, the majority of steel sawing. Cold saw cutting machine saw cutting can be divided into hot saw cutting and cold saw cutting. Hot sawing has the advantages of rapid post-rolling treatment, compact equipment and low sawing force, so it is widely used. In order to match with the capacity of the rolling mill, a production line is set up with multiple sawing equipment. When the cold saw cutting machine saws, it should calculate the shrinkage amount according to the steel temperature when cutting, so that the length error after cooling is within the allowed range. The task of cold saw cutting machine sawing is fixed length sawing, so many production lines are equipped with fixed length machine and saw machine supporting. In addition to cutting the head and tail with the cold saw cutting machine, attention should also be paid to cutting the defective part and sampling. Cold saw cutting machine sawing should be combined with supply length to achieve the best material, which is also an important means to improve the yield. Steel cooling to strictly implement the cooling system, the correct placement of steel in the cooling position. Cold saw cutting machine is the most important to prevent the production of improper cooling caused by product quality problems. Such as prevent rail cooling too fast hydrogen precipitation too late and produce hydrogen embrittlement. Cold saw cutting machine cold saw cutting and hot saw cutting contrast, generally defined by the temperature of the cutting rolled parts, there are the following types, cold saw cutting machine rolled parts when the temperature is lower than 100℃ for cold cutting. When the temperature of the rolled parts of the cold saw cutting machine is 100 ~ 600℃, it is warm cutting. When the temperature of the rolled parts is higher than 600℃, it is hot cutting. Cold saw cutting machine generally, we will be used to saw the metal saw mill temperature is lower than 300℃ called metal cold saw, will be used to saw the metal saw mill temperature is higher than 600℃ called metal hot saw. Cold saw cutting machine metal hot saw and metal cold saw, the equipment structure is no difference. For square and round steel production lines, cold sawing machine is seldom used for cold sawing, because the steel is too hard, the sawing area is large, the sawing period is long, and the incision quality is low. Hot sawing or grinding wheel saw is mostly used. Cold saw cutting machine for groove Angle, steel pipe and other production lines, because of its thin wall structure, sawing area per unit time is small, easy to make steel deformation, and serious...

  • September 30, 2022 D&S Automatic Co,Ltd ​National Holiday Notice​

    D&S Automatic Co,Ltd National Holiday Notice Chinese National Day Holiday is around the corner. Our office will be closed between Oct 1st and Oct 7th. lf any issues please send mail (miyawang@desutrading.com)to me or call my mobile at +86-13600706701(Wechat&Whatsapp same number). Best wishes!

D&S Automatic Co.,Ltd. located at the China plumbing town of Fujian Nan'an,It is a professional machine company. We supply you modern facilities,such as faucet, valve, brass fitting, cartridge, brass fittings, teflon tape and all kinds of machines. 

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