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Teflon Tape Machine Production Line

Ptfe Tape Cutting Machine

Ptfe Tape Cutting Machine

Ptfe Tape Cutting Slitting Machine

It is automatic cutting the tape big roll into small roll .

After the calender machine, making into big roll, then p ut the half –finished product into cutting machine.

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Product Details

Ptfe Tape Cutting Slitting Machine

Now cutting into the size and thickness as client`s requirement. For the cutting machine, the regular size and accessories can be adjusted. The range of adjusted width is usually : 14,14.5—21.5,22,total is 18 sets. for over sea market, normally is smaller one, 12mm size. that the accessories width also can be changed by client`s requirement.

Motor power:
0.75KW×2pcs(Inverter motor)
Heating method:
Electrothermal board
(2kw×18 pcs)=36kw
Max.cutting width:
Slitting speed:
Max.diameter of release roller:
φ300 mm
(Slit 9 pcs×2 in the same time)

Electric and hand turn-screw for rollers distance adjust

Direction-adjusting copper board:
Inside hole
φ20.5mm 1pc


 Automatic Seal Tape Cutting Machine

 Our Service:

Before sales
Our professional technical recommend the right machine,and can also customise special machine as customer's requirement and special parts.

Sales following
During machine production, watching the machine quality and testing machine.and take pictures or make video for customer checking.

After Sales
We will send technical go to customer's factory to install and adjust machine.
We have after-sell service to supply all life-time machine maintance and repairment service.


Q: Are we a trading firm or a manufacturer?


Q: What’s our payment mode?

A: L/C, T/T

Q: Can machines be customized?


Q: How long is the warranty period?

A: 12 months.

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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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