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  • Do you need Valve Machine
    • September 22, 2020

    Valve Machine is the most automation to manufacture different types and sizes of tyre valve in the world so far. Valve processing line is our own design and is able to make finished valve body from forgings. Our machine is non-standard customized product,with these advantages just like standardized production,lowest defect rate,higher end product quality and lower labor cost. Welcome to D&...

  • How to find the best kitchen faucet
    • September 14, 2020

    When looking for a kitchen faucet, what are the primary features you need to consider? Can you choose a faucet finish that is as unique as the rest of your kitchen design? 1. Choose Your Location-It would decide whether you need sink-mount, deck-mount or a wall-mount kitchen faucet. 2. Finishes-Choosing a colored finish can define the look of your kitchen and coordinate or contrast other kitchen f...

  • How can cnc lathe machine help you?
    • September 07, 2020

    A small CNC machine, also referred to as a mini CNC machine, is one of those life-changing additions to your setup that becomes worthwhile right away. Whether it is creating something from scratch or using a template, there are so many possibilities as soon as the machine is in your possession. The advantage about  high accuracy, high speed, and high-velocity spindle can help you improve...

  • How can we get a testing leakage machine
    • September 01, 2020

    Testing leakage machine is manufactured as per the customer’s requirement and specific testing need. As the component is some form of a casting tube like structure which is leak tested. For this specific purpose and requirement of Leak Testing Machine the industry will train us in terms of design and manufacturing of whole machine. There are three commonly used fundamental techniques for leak...

  • How can faucet testing machine help you?
    • August 24, 2020

    As water is precious, it requires particular attention to avoid wasting in households. Sanitary fittings play a significant role in optimizing the consumption of water and their performance should be evaluated to identify their characteristics and their suitability for use. The usage of facuet testing machine is bringing different pressure to products and let water pass through them, to test ...

  • Faucet Manufacturing Process
    • August 17, 2020

    It is believed that many people only know the faucet appearance. But they do not really understand how to make a faucet. Metal casting→ Sand casting→ Gravity casting→ Casting brass→Core-making machine→Shot blasting machine→Molding machine. Machining usually refers to the use of metal cutting lathes, milling, drilling, planing, grinding, boring and other machine tools to carry out a ...

    • August 11, 2020

    One of the components of an engine is the valve. Engine valves are mechanical components that support internal combustion. One approach is the consumption of compressed air. Based on experiences from valve manufacturer (Desu Automatic Manufacturer. Co.,Ltd), around 500 butterfly, 1,000 seat and 1,500 double seat valves are installed in your average large dairy (700 million kg raw materials p....

  • 7 Companies That Are Using Polishing and Buffing Robots
    • August 05, 2020

    D&S Trading Co.,Ltd. is professional machine trading company, which respresative for our relative factorys.We supply you first class quality machine with best service. Our machine include all faucets, valve, brass fitting, cartridge, brass parts,brass bar cutting machine, teflon tape machines. For more information,welcome to visit our company's website desuau...

  • What is the future of machine tool workers?
    • November 29, 2018
    What is the future of machine tool workers?

    D&S Trading Co.,Ltd. is professional machine trading company,whichrespresativefor our relative factorys.We supply youfirst class quality machinewith best service. Our machine includeall faucets, valve, brass fitting, cartridge, brass parts,teflon tape machines. For more information,welcome to visit our company's website "Industry 4.0", "intelligent manufacturing", "5D i...

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