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  • What are the advantages and characteristics of gravity casting machines?
    • November 29, 2023

    1. There are few pores inside the casting, and the rigidity of the product after heat treatment can be greatly improved, even exceeding that of die-casting products. 2. The product has low density. Relying on liquid self-gravity molding, the density of low-pressure casting machine products is lower than that of die casting, and its strength is also slightly lower, but its elongation is higher. 3. ...

  • What are the basic principles of electroplating equipment?
    • November 03, 2023

    The research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and service of electroplating equipment and ultrasonic cleaning equipment are integrated. Electroplating is an electrochemical process and an oxidation-reduction process. The basic process of electroplating is to immerse parts in a solution of metal salts as a cathode. , the metal plate serves as the anode, and after connecting to the DC p...

  • Difference between boring and milling machine and milling and boring machine.
    • October 18, 2023

    Milling machine refers to a gantry milling machine that mainly uses milling cutters to process various surfaces on workpieces. Usually the rotational motion of the milling cutter is the main motion, and the motion of the workpiece (and) the milling cutter is the feed motion. Boring machine gantry milling machine, milling and boring machine and boring machine are one of them. Boring machines can al...

  • What is the working principle of CNC machine tools?
    • October 09, 2023

    The working principle of CNC machine tools is: the computer in the CNC device performs a series of processing on the information recorded in the form of numerical and character encoding through the input device, and then executes the machine tool spindle and feed through the servo system and programmable controller. The mechanism issues instructions, and the machine tool body follows these instruc...

  • SQSK12450 Horizontal twelve-axis CNC technical parameters
    • September 28, 2023

    Functional characteristics : 1、The workpiece is clamped and formed in one step, and servo feed is used to complete the entire process to improve product stability and accuracy. 2、This machine tool adopts a twelve-axis power turret head and a high-precision ball and line roller combination. It can mill, drill, ream, and tap at the same time, completing multiple sets of processes to improve producti...

  • What is the Induction Furnace?
    • September 08, 2023

    An electric furnace that uses the induction electrothermal effect of the warehouse to heat or melt the warehouse. There are three types of AC power used in induction furnaces: power frequency (50 or 60 Hz), intermediate frequency (150~10000 Hz) and high frequency (10000 Hz). The main components of the induction furnace are the inductor, the furnace body, the power supply, the capacitor and the con...

  • What is the effect of PTFE?
    • August 21, 2023

    As we all know, the raw material tape is used to seal the joints of the pipes to make the pipes more tightly sealed. If the seal is not good, leakage will occur. As it stands, leakage is a common phenomenon in nature. Leaks of tap water and gas in daily life often bring inconvenience and even harm to people; in industries such as pressure vessels, pipelines, reactors, valves, hydraulic equipment, ...

  • How the pump works?
    • July 17, 2023

    Practical application Widely used in shipbuilding, oil exploration, loaders, etc. In 2008, the output of ships reached 15,000 tons, and the number of deadweight tons accounted for 21% of the world market. By 2015, it will become the world's largest shipbuilding country. In order to ensure the normal navigation or mooring of the ship and meet the living needs of the crew and passengers, each ship m...

  • What is the CNC engraving and milling machine?
    • June 28, 2023

    Engraving and milling machine (NC engraving and milling machine) is a kind of CNC machine tool. It is generally considered that the engraving and milling machine is a CNC milling machine that uses small tools, high power, and high-speed rotating motors. The advantages of engraving machines in engraving, if the hardness of the processing material is relatively large, the appearance of engraving and...

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