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  • Fire copper smelting
    • June 03, 2021

    At present, more than 80% of copper in the world is made by fire method, and it is mainly used to process copper sulfide ore. Pyrometallurgy is to melt copper ore (or calcine, agglomerate, etc.) and flux at high temperature, or directly smelt into blister copper, or first smelt into matte (melt mainly composed of copper, iron and sulfur) Then smelt into blister copper. Except for some operations (...

  • What is the difference between aluminum alloy gravity casting and die casting?
    • April 09, 2021

    Gravity casting refers to the process of injecting molten metal into a mold under the action of the earth's gravity, also known as casting. The generalized gravity casting includes sand casting, metal casting, investment casting, lost foam casting, mud casting, etc.; the narrow gravity casting specifically refers to metal casting. The molten metal is generally poured into the gate manually, and th...

  • PTFE production line
    • March 31, 2021

    PTFE machine is a raw material belt plastic machine, it is not a single machine, it is a combination of a series of machines composed of machines with different functions. A set of raw tape equipment needs about 60,000 to 100,000 yuan. With a set of raw tape equipment, we can enter the raw tape production process, so it is relatively simple to build a raw tape factory. The main material of the PTF...

  • Butterfly valve
    • March 23, 2021

    Butterfly valve is a frequently used valve in industrial water system. It has become a common valve for pipelines because of its small size and high cost performance. The main products of butterfly valves are wafer soft-sealed butterfly valves and flanged butterfly valves. Although there are fewer types of butterfly valves than gate valves, there are also many differences to adapt to different wor...

  • Core shooter applications and advantages
    • March 17, 2021

    The core shooter uses coated sand to make the core, which is suitable for both hot core boxes and cold core boxes. The core shooting machine is characterized by the use of two guide posts to open and close the mold vertically, and install two different molds at the same time. The fixed mold can be installed on both sides of the middle fixed frame, and the mold can be opened and closed (equivalent ...

  • How could we use PTFE Tape
    • March 09, 2021

    PTFE tapes are all professionally used. Non-professionals often encounter similar problems when using them, such as: how to wrap it? How many turns can be wound firmly without leaking?  In fact, how to use it correctly is often taken carelessly by people as a minor issue, but "thousands of miles of dams, destroyed by ant dens", home improvement is no small matter, and the decoration is c...

  • Production process of various faucets
    • January 26, 2021

    Traditional faucets are made of brass. The process flow is as follows: copper ingot→dissolving→casting→cleaning after casting→casting inspection→machining→tolerance inspection→grinding→surface inspection→plating→plating inspection→assembly→pressure test→ Finished product inspection → packaging → delivery. There are a total of 16 processes, and each process is strictly controlled to ensure quality....

  • How does brass bar cutting machine cooperate
    • January 20, 2021

    Brass bars are rod-shaped objects made of copper and zinc alloys. They are named for their yellow color. Brass has good mechanical and wearing resistance, and can be used to manufacture precision instruments, ship parts, shell of guns, etc. Our machine could cut many kinds of products. DN32,DN50,DN60 etc. More information, welcome to contact D&S Automatic Co.,Ltd.

  • Drilling and tapping machine
    • January 06, 2021

    Drilling machines and tapping machines are made with a variety of specifications and function in several ways. In modern drilling and tapping machines, the surface to be drilled is either kept on a drill press table or a drill press vise. For drilling in a round shaft, a drill press vise is used while a drill press table is used for a shaft with a planar base. The speed of drills can be 5 to 6 m/m...

  • Horizontal vs Vertical Milling
    • December 28, 2020

    Milling is a common machining process that involves the use of a machine, known as a milling machine, to remove material from a stationary workpiece using a rotating cutting tool.There are two main categories of milling machines in a common machine shop: vertical mill and horizontal mill, designed in different structures and for a variety of production use. The vertical milling machine is a precis...

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