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  • What is a conveyor transfer machines?
    • May 23, 2022

    Conveyor, also known as conveyor, is suitable for horizontal conveying, inclined conveying, vertical conveying and other forms of granular or powdery materials. The conveying distance varies according to different models, generally from 2 meters to 70 meters. conveying principle The rotating screw blade pushes the material for conveying by the screw conveyor. The force that keeps the material from...

  • The working principle of the rolling machine
    • May 18, 2022

    The upper roller of the symmetrical plate rolling machine is in the symmetrical position of the center of the two lower rollers through the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acting on the piston to make vertical lifting motion, and the last stage gear of the main reducer drives the gears of the two lower rollers to mesh for a rotating motion, which is used for rolling plates. provide torque....

  • How does a centrifugal dehydrator machine work?
    • May 11, 2022

    Centrifugal dewatering machine is mainly composed of transfer and screw conveyor with hollow shaft. After the sludge is sent into the drum by the hollow shaft, it is immediately thrown into the hub cavity under the action of centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation. The specific gravity of the sludge particles is large, so the centrifugal force generated is also large, and they are throw...

  • Introduction vertical parting cold box core machine.
    • May 06, 2022

    The core-making method in which the sand core is rapidly hardened in the core box by blowing air at room temperature is called the cold core box method. The core-making method in which the sand core is rapidly hardened in the core box by blowing air at room temperature is called the cold core box method. Cold core box method includes: blowing amine cold core box method, SO2 cold core box method, a...

  • About the maintenance of equipment
    • April 26, 2022

    Primary maintenance This type of maintenance refers to the operation of the equipment for one month (two shifts), mainly by operators, and maintenance workers cooperate with each other for maintenance. Its contents are: "Take off the yellow robe", "clean the internal organs", and its main work contents are: checking, cleaning, and adjusting the electrical control parts; thoroughly cleaning and wip...

  • What are the machines for machining?
    • April 19, 2022

    There are many types of machining equipment: 1. The common machines and equipment in machining factories are (by processing method): turning--lathe, milling--milling, planing--planer (inserting--slotting machine), drilling countersinking (huò) reaming- --Drilling, boring—boring, broaching—broaching, grinding—grinding, polishing—polishing. The above types of equipment can be basically subdivided. L...

  • What is the automatic sprayer machine?
    • April 13, 2022

    The automatic spraying machine can be combined with dust removal machine, leveling machine, paint baking machine and conveying table lamp equipment to form an automatic production line, and the complexity of the machine can be determined according to the number of axes of the automatic glue spraying machine. Automatic spraying machines can be divided into glue coating machines and arc spraying mac...

  • Knowledge and use of calender
    • April 13, 2022

    A calender is composed of two or more rollers arranged in a certain form, under a certain temperature, the rubber or plastic is pressed and stretched into a film of a certain thickness and surface shape, and can be used for fiber curtain canvas or Machinery for hanging glue on steel cord. The calender can be divided into two-roller, three-roller, four-roller and five-roller calender according to t...

  • Fully automatic carton sealing machine
    • April 07, 2022
    Fully automatic carton sealing machine

    The automatic carton sealing machine can automatically adjust the width and height according to different carton specifications, and the operation is convenient, simple and fast. The upper and lower fonts are fully automatic sealing, with a high degree of automation; single-machine operation, suitable for small batches and multi-specification production. Using instant adhesive tape to seal, the se...

  • Production method of power frequency cored induction melting furnace
    • March 28, 2022

    Induction melting furnaces are divided into two types: cored (ie slot type) and coreless (ie crucible type). Although the coreless induction furnace appeared later than the cored furnace, because of its (1) simple furnace structure, (2) convenient furnace construction, (3) the melt can be poured into light, (4) it is easy to change the charge and alloy grades, (5) The advantages of being suitable ...

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