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What is the drawing machine?

  • June 05, 2024

Drawing machine is also known as wire drawing machine, drawing machine, wire drawing machine English name is drawing machine, is a widely used in industrial applications of mechanical equipment, widely used in machinery manufacturing, hardware processing, petrochemical, plastic, bamboo and wood products, wire and cable and other industries.

Drawing machine according to its use can be divided into metal drawing machine (used for standard metal products production preprocessing), plastic drawing machine (used for plastic products industry in polyester, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester slice as raw materials of hollow, solid round silk or flat silk processing of special complete sets of equipment), bamboo drawing machine (used for bamboo products industry make chopsticks, toothpick, barbecue sticks pull bamboo, wood reprocessing special equipment), etc.

Metal wire drawing machine

Belongs to the standard and other metal products production preprocessing equipment, the purpose is to transport by the steel manufacturer production to the standard metal products production enterprises of wire or rod after wire drawing machine pull processing, the wire or rod diameter, roundness, internal metallographic structure, surface finish and straightening are standard metal products production needs such as raw material processing requirements. Therefore, the pretreatment quality of wire drawing machine for wire or bar is directly related to the product quality of standard parts and other metal products production enterprises.wire drawing machine belongs to metal products equipment industry metal wire drawing machine, drawing machine is widely used in the production of steel wire, rope wire, prestressed wire, steel wire, standard parts and other metal products.

Plastic drawing machine

The main feature of the product is the drying-free exhaust energy-saving plastic drawing machine is that the exhaust port is provided on the material cylinder, and the material cylinder is connected by at least two sections. The pitch of the screw in the first material cylinder is different from the rear. It does not need the plastic mixer to stir, and can absorb the moisture produced in the plastic mixing. The plastic wire pulled is uniform and smooth, not easy to break the wire, and has high working efficiency and less energy consumption.

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