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Operation and method of water testing machine

  • March 10, 2023

  1. The water tester is used to test the glue effect of the glue strip. Air-tightness testing equipment is used to test whether there is water leakage, belt wear and other problems at the glued position in the form of hydraulic pressure. Generally test 3PSI for two minutes without water leakage, the bonding effect is considered qualified.
  2. The test needs to be done step by step, first try IPSI/30 seconds, and slowly progress to 3PSI/2 minutes. Abnormal results caused by sudden pressure can be avoided.
  3. Adjust the tightness of the "iron ring" of the water testing machine. If it is too tight, it will damage the rubber layer and film of the fabric, and the air tightness test will even leave marks on the fabric; if it is too loose, the water pressure will not meet the standard and cause not getting normal results
  4. The glue layer and film of some fabrics are easily damaged, and the "iron ring" of the air tightness tester needs to add a layer of soft fabric. Prevent the "iron ring" from damaging the glue layer and film of the fabric.
  5. The water used by the water testing machine must be clean and free of impurities, so as to avoid debris from clogging the pipes, and the waterproof tester will cause inaccurate data on the pressure gauge. The pipes and water container of the water tester need to be cleaned regularly.
  6. When testing the water test machine, the airtight leak tester may have fabrics that are easy to absorb water, which should be handled carefully to prevent the fabrics from absorbing moisture and being difficult to dry, which will affect the subsequent processing and final packaging.

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