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Structure and working principle of Volvo generator.

  • April 22, 2023
Volvo generators are usually composed of stators, rotors, end covers, machine bases and bearings.

1. The stator is composed of the machine base, stator core, wire wrap winding, and other structural parts that fix these parts.

2. The rotor is composed of rotor iron core (with magnetic yoke, magnetic pole winding), slip ring (also known as copper ring, collector ring), fan and rotating shaft and other components.

3. The stator and the rotor of the generator are connected and assembled by the bearing and the end cover, so that the rotor can rotate in the stator and do the movement of cutting the magnetic induction line, thereby generating an induced potential, which is drawn out through the terminal and connected to the circuit, which is convenient A current is generated.

Preparations before starting the Volvo generator:

1. Add antifreeze to the installed Volvo generator, see the engine manual for the proportion of antifreeze.

2. Add engine oil to the unit. The engine oil type generally uses APICF-4, W15/40CF grade engine oil. The engine oil should be added to the static full line of the oil level gauge on the engine. Too much or too little engine oil is harmful to the engine. unfavorable.

3. Connect the fuel pipeline and drain the air in the fuel inlet pipe to easily start the Volvo generator set. The fuel is domestic 0 or -10 light diesel.

4. According to the power of the Volvo generator, select a wire suitable for the current carrying capacity, and connect it to the output end of the main circuit output circuit breaker. When wiring, pay attention to the phase line and the neutral line, and do not connect them incorrectly.

5. Check whether the grounding of the controller is good (connected to the engine casing), and the Volvo generator set, the chassis, the box (low noise), and the control cabinet should be reliably grounded to the earth.

6. Connect the battery wire, do not connect the positive and negative poles wrongly when wiring, first connect the positive battery wire, and then connect the negative battery wire.

7. Check the bolts of the main connecting parts of the unit, the fixing bolts of the instruments and components in the control panel, and the bolts of the wire terminals, and they should be tightened.

8. Before starting the machine, the main circuit breaker should be in the off position.

9. If the above checks are correct, start the test run. Before putting it into the load operation, check the phase sequence to see if it is in the same phase sequence as the mains. After confirming that it is correct, then put it into the load operation.

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