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  • February 03, 2021

Valves have a wide variety of specifications, sizes are very different, and there are many types of parts and materials. In addition, the production conditions of each valve factory and the experience and habits of the technicians are different, and the process of compiling valve parts is not consistent. A reasonable process can not only ensure product quality, but also increase labor productivity and reduce product costs. Compiling a reasonable process specification is a relatively complicated task, because in addition to meeting the requirements of product drawings, determining the type of blank, processing methods, and selection of equipment and tooling, it is also necessary to compare and analyze multiple process plans. In addition, whether the preparation of process regulations is reasonable often depends on the technical level and experience of the process personnel.

Because the structure, shape and process of valve parts have obvious similarities, the number of valve parts is not large, which is an advantageous condition to realize the typicalization of valve parts process regulations. The typification of the current process is to compile the processing procedures of the other parts into a typical process procedure according to their similar shapes, similar sizes, and the same process.

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