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What is a Compound Machine?

  • May 25, 2020

Did you ever look closely at the moving parts of a bicycle? You can see some of them in the opening image. Do you see any simple machines, such as pulleys, wheels and axles, levers, or screws? A bicycle consists of many simple machines. It's an example of a compound machine.

What Is a Compound Machine?

A compound machine is a machine that consists of more than one simple machine. Some compound machines consist of just two simple machines. You can read below about two examples—the wheelbarrow and corkscrew. Other compound machines, such as bicycles, consist of

many simple machines. Big compound machines such as cars may consist of hundreds or even thousands of simple machines.

Hereby we want to introduce one kind of our machine-Brass Ball Valve Angle Valve Making Machine

Compact structure : The integrated 4 spindles of a machine make it possible to process each ways of a manifold in one cycle, including drilling, tapping and facing the groove of seals rings;

High Flexibility : The processing range expanded from 2 to 8 ways brass manifold, moreover the max center distance of work piece is 390mm;

Control Tech : It is controlled by the 10” colored touch panel, PLC and the fixture base plate is drove by servo motor;

Patents : It is owned the national patens of China: ZL 2010 101298043; ZL 2010 201376599;

World class accessories : To make our machine more stable and easier to maintaining, we adopted all of important accessories with world class.

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