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What is automatic water testing equipment?

  • October 31, 2022

The pH value of water quality, through 3, ORP and other testing to test the water control instrument display the detection value of the control instrument, indicators, and equipment to monitor the water quality, by water quality / pool monitoring, monitoring automatic adjustment, control related equipment to achieve maintenance functional system.

Product advantages
● Automatic water absorption: automatic water absorption through program control, with self-judgment function of water intake.
● Automatic silt drainage: The automatic silt drainage function is realized through program control and the design of water tank inclination.
● Automatic overflow: Through the firmware structure, the water can be exchanged up and down at the same time with the automatic silt removal to ensure the timeliness of measurement.
● Liquid level detection: real-time monitoring through liquid level gauge to ensure the rationality of the transmitted data.
● Automatic cleaning: Regular automatic cleaning through program control to ensure that the sensor measurement interface is clean.
● Automatic storage: Customize the storage period according to the needs, and save the records in real time.
● Power supply system: integrated design of solar panel, battery pack, controller, inverter, solar bracket/box.
● Pre-floating: Water is drawn through filtration to prevent air leakage from the bottom valve and ensure normal water intake.
● Low cost: no need to build a station building, it can be installed and used immediately, and the maintenance is simple.

The monitoring station adopts a three-layer architecture design of perception control layer, transmission communication layer and application service layer.
(1) The perception layer is mainly for the construction of surface water quality monitoring sub-stations, including fixed stations, water station instrumentation integration and system integration. This layer can realize the collection of water quality monitoring data, alarm data, instrument equipment status data and environmental dynamic index data, and can also transmit video monitoring information, realize the network access between the monitoring station and the central terminal, and the reverse control of the monitoring station.
(2) The main construction content of the transmission communication layer is the wireless communication link.
(3) The application service layer receives, processes, summarizes, counts, and analyzes monitoring point data. This layer has dynamic real-time monitoring, historical data query, alarm data query, login log and operation log query, period statistics, curve analysis, user Management, measuring point management, historical data import and many other functions.

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