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What is mid-rail gantry type hanging nickel plating wire?

  • December 22, 2023
Equipment operation process: manual loading---electroplating process (floor plan process)---manual unloading.
Equipment structure: The overall height of the machine is 500mm, and the gantry carriage is made of 3MM stainless steel plate (the outer surface is powder sprayed); the road。
The rails are made of 50*50 stainless steel 304 square tubes; the frame is made of 50*50 stainless steel 304 square tubes, and the bottom of the load-bearing tank is crossed
Made of 50*50 stainless steel 304 square tubes, vertically made of 50*50 stainless steel 304 square tubes, water pans and line bodies laid across the entire line
Fully enclosed, with surrounding accessories.
The production line has a high degree of automation and is simple to operate. The production line process adopts semi-automatic control.
The design is scientific and reasonable, and the structure is compact, making the equipment durable, stable, beautiful in appearance and easy to operate. groove
The body is made of Taiwan Qui Nhon PPGE board and reinforced; it can fully meet the acid and alkali resistance and strength requirements of the tank body;
According to the work flow and work efficiency of the equipment, this production line is equipped with 2 sets of semi-automatic material lifting gantry cranes.
It has functions such as vertical lifting, lowering movements and left and right high-speed walking. The mutual handover movements between driving vehicles form this production
Linear operation of the line; in order to prevent the vehicle from going offside, both ends of the driving track are equipped with anti-fall rubber stops and offside power-off safety devices.
settings to ensure the safety and stability of the vehicle during operation. The crane is equipped with a mobile controller that can be controlled manually
Go to the predetermined loading position and lift the workpiece into the slot for work.

Characteristic description: The equipment has beautiful appearance, compact structure and reliable performance.

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