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What is the working principle and application of the winding machine? What are the precautions?

  • August 21, 2023
Winding machine is no stranger to motor manufacturers. It is an indispensable motor production equipment. It mainly winds the coils of motors. It is often used in various brushless motors, transformers, reactors, etc. It can be said that electromagnetic components are required The products of the coil part all need to use the winding machine. So what is the working principle of the winding machine? What are the common precautions?

Before starting the machine, fix the iron core mold to be wound on the bracket, input the program, adjust various parameters, including wire diameter, number of turns, speed, slot crossing, forward rotation and reverse rotation, etc., and then automatically through the programmable controller The numerical value is calculated and displayed on the touch screen. Start the spindle motor, first wind 2 to 3 laps at a slow speed, and after making sure that there is no problem, slowly increase the speed to high speed until the winding is completed, the machine automatically clamps the wire, a complete winding process is completed, and then repeat this action .

1. Before using the winding machine, you should first confirm that the electricity and compressed air are in place, and you can run the winding machine after manual reset.

2. When the winding machine is running, the staff must not put their hands into the area between the skeleton trough and the feeding tooling to avoid hurting their hands.

3. The placement of the mold must be accurate, and it must be checked first. In many cases, the mold is not installed properly, and the nozzle is easy to be damaged. If the mold is not placed properly, you should press the pause button to ensure that the installation is correct before starting.

4. If the thread is broken during the winding process, you should immediately press the pause button. Generally speaking, it may be that the thread barrel is stuck, the tensioner is not set properly, or the speed is too fast. After checking, you should wind the thread slowly to ensure Speed up no problem.

5. In the event of a power failure or an emergency, be sure to reset and clamp the wire again before restarting.

6. When the thread is almost used up, tie the new thread with the old thread and pull it to the guide pin before starting. Before changing the thread, touch the upper edge of the thread barrel with your hands to see if there are burrs or foreign objects, so as to avoid interfering with the normal state of the thread. operation, causing a disconnection to occur.

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