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Automatic cutting machine

  • April 23, 2021

The automatic cutting machine has the following characteristics

1. The mechanical main circuit of the automatic cutting machine adopts Taiwan imported PLC control work, which is centralized and simple, sensitive, and convenient for maintenance;

2. Automatic feeding, non-stop feeding adopts Taiwan "Tec" servo Motor. Precision screw, cutting accuracy reaches ±0.03mm;

3.The counter can be set to process the number, or automatically stop, or accumulate the workload of the day;

4. The front and back pressure can be adjusted steplessly to ensure that the workpiece is not pinched and deformed;

5. When the processing size is changed, there is no need to manually locate the hardware, just change the relevant size data on the text display to work;

6. It has a significant effect on aluminum, copper, organic materials, plastic steel materials, carbon fiber, etc., cutting without burrs, The scraps after cutting are collected centrally, and the coolant can be recycled, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, time-saving and material-saving.

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