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Fire sprinklers

  • June 22, 2021

Fire sprinklers are used in fire sprinkler systems. When a fire occurs, water is sprinkled through the sprinkler splash plate to extinguish the fire. Currently, it is divided into pendant sprinklers, upright sprinklers, ordinary sprinklers, and side wall types. Sprinklers, etc.

According to the definition in GB5135.1.3.1, sprinklers are: under the action of heat, they start automatically within a predetermined temperature range, or start by a control device according to a fire signal, and sprinkle water according to the designed sprinkler shape and flow rate. Water device.

The automatic control fire sprinkler system is a fire extinguishing facility that can automatically turn on the sprinklers to sprinkle water and send out a fire alarm signal at the same time when a fire occurs. The automatic sprinkler extinguishing system has the advantages of automatic water spray, automatic alarm and initial fire cooling, etc., and can work in synchronization with other fire fighting facilities, so it can effectively control and extinguish the initial fire. It has been widely used in building fire protection.

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