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The structure of sand slinger moulding machine

  • July 13, 2021

1. The fuselage is a solid hollow frame work piece. The upper part supports the indenter part of the rotating arm. When pressing, the rotating arm hooks the fuselage so that the pressing force is absorbed by the fuselage. The fuselage and the shock mechanism are bolted together, and the rotating arm In the indenter part, the indenter is fixed on a rocker arm that can be rotated, and the indenter has a screw elevator that can be adjusted to the distance from the indenter to the sand box according to the height of the sand box

2. The swing arm controls the reciprocating movement of the cylinder piston through a hand-pulled valve to realize the movement of the positive arm and swing arm.

3. The ejection structure is composed of two ejection cylinders, connecting rods, balance shafts, ejection tables, ejection rods, etc. When the ejection cylinders are activated, the connecting rods, balance shafts, and ejection tables are driven to eject the four ejector rods at the same time. Moulding from the sand box.

4. Shock compaction structure. Adopt spring micro-vibration pneumatic compaction structure, compaction shock increases vibration. The clamping cylinder locks the vibrating cylinder when the mold is drawn, and the clamping cylinder is released when the mold is dropped.

5. Pneumatic piping system: the input compressed air is removed by air filter to remove water and impurities in the compressed air, and then lubricating oil is injected through the lubricator to supply various pneumatic components and mechanisms, and the action of the machine is realized by the hand valve console .

6. Air supply and lubrication. The machine is operated by air source as energy source and oil as lubrication. The intake pressure and oil volume are respectively adjusted by the pressure reducing valve and the oil regulating valve. When the air source passes through the lubricator, the oil is sucked into the pipeline according to the siphon principle, and the mist enters the pipeline system for lubrication.

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