Processing method of copper bed slotting

  • 2023-01-03 14:31:49
Processing method of copper bed slotting
Side copper knife Copper knife keyway, straight groove
1: Clean and lubricate the various parts of Taiwan Xuzheng bed. Correct the direction of the vertical line between the platform and the main track.
2: Correct the pointer mouth of the tiger pointer to form a horizontal direction with the knife axis, and fix the tiger pointer on the bed. According to the shape of the workpiece, insert it directly on the tiger pointer or the bed. Then fill the pot.
3: Adjust the whole position adjust and cut the keyway and cut the keyway so that the scribed position is equal to the lower part of the contact with the garden bar and the garden bar peripheral edge.
Milling grooves: Adjust the bed so that the scribe line is aligned with the milling cutter. Steel ruler The steel ruler measures the position of the groove groove. . To reset the scale ring to zero by falling straight between the milling cutter and the workpiece.
4: Select the appropriate sharp cutting speed and feed. Select the metal cutting direction.
5: Actuator. Feed in the vertical direction according to the depth of the sharp knife, start milling, and use a cutting knife as needed.
6: Stop the machine and check the depth and breadth. After the sharp shearing is completed, the bed platform is lowered and the workpiece is unloaded.

7: Use a bell knife to remove the burrs. Remove the copper knife, knife shaft, etc., wipe clean and oil, xx*Taiwan Xuzheng Copper Bed State.

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