7 Companies That Are Using Polishing and Buffing Robots

  • 2020-08-05 10:09:38

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Automated polishing machines (or drag finishers) are increasingly popular due to their ability to reduce the time and labor necessary to polish punches. The Natoli Automated Polisher requires minimal training and ensures consistent, uniform tool polishing results every time. Simply place tooling into punch holders, and punches are “dragged” or rotated through the polishing media. Additional punch or die holders purchased separately.

The goal of grinding and polishing steps is to prepare a final polished specimen that is free of deformation and suitable for analysis. This can be achieved in multiple ways depending on the overall goals of the lab. Whether a lab is looking for the quickest overall process, the best surface finish or versatility to prepare many different materials, Buehler has a solution for the your grinding and polishing needs.

Polishing and buffing are finishing tasks that improve the surface quality of a product. An abrasive is run over the material, making it smoother, shinier, and sometimes more sanitary.

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