Characteristics of the chromium plating process and classification of plating solutions?

  • 2023-12-22 14:59:08
In addition to the common characteristics with other plating types, the chromium plating process also has the following special points: (1) The dispersion ability of the plating solution is poor. To obtain a uniform coating, special fixtures (including pictographic anodes) must be designed according to the geometry of the parts.
(2) The current efficiency is low (generally 13~16%), a large amount of hydrogen is precipitated, and toxic liquid mist is brought out, so a good suction device is required:
(3) Temperature and current density must be strictly coordinated;
(4) Strict surface treatment requirements before plating;
(5) The chromium plating solution does not use complex salts, but uses highly oxidizing chromium (Cr0s):
(6) There needs to be a small amount of external anions (such as SO., F and SiFe) in the chromium plating solution.
(7) The anode cannot use chromium but insoluble lead and its alloys.
Chrome plating liquids can be divided into the following categories according to their industrial uses:
(1) Protection-decorative chrome plating (including hanging plating and barrel plating):
(2) Black chrome plating;
(3) Wear-resistant chrome plating (also called hard chrome plating)
(4) Porous chromium plating (also called loose chromium plating).
According to the composition of chromium plating solution, it can also be divided into the following categories:
(1) General chrome plating containing silver sulfate:
(2) Chromium plating containing fluorine or fluorosilicate;

(2) Composite chromium plating and automatic adjustment chromium plating containing acid radicals and fluorosilicate radicals.

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