Complete brass valve production line

  • 2020-09-28 15:25:36

Brass ball valve body machine is specially for the brass valve, angle valve, gate valve machine, can finish valve in one time.D&S is a professional machine prodcuer for brass valve production.

The complete production line consists of brass rod making machines, brass forging machines, CNC lathes and assembly line.

Raw material→Melting furnace→Holding furnace→Traction→Automatic cutting machine→Hydraulic drawing machine→Peeling→Finished product brass rod.

The machine working pressure, stroke can be adjusted in the range of the parameters within the
Istp heacsii caadtvioann.tages of simple and flexible operation, low noise, stable pressure, fast movement,high
efficieny,save labor, and cost -effective machine.

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D&S Automatic Co.,Ltd. located at the China plumbing town of Fujian Nan'an,It is a professional machine company. We supply you modern facilities,such as faucet, valve, brass fitting, cartridge, brass fittings, teflon tape and all kinds of machines. 

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