How the pump works?

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Practical application

Widely used in shipbuilding, oil exploration, loaders, etc. In 2008, the output of ships reached 15,000 tons, and the number of deadweight tons accounted for 21% of the world market. By 2015, it will become the world's largest shipbuilding country. In order to ensure the normal navigation or mooring of the ship and meet the living needs of the crew and passengers, each ship must be equipped with a certain number of marine pumps that can play a corresponding role. Marine pumps are one of the important auxiliary machines. According to incomplete statistics, among all kinds of ship auxiliary machinery and equipment, the total number of various types and different purposes of marine pumps accounts for about 20%-30% of the total amount of ship machinery and equipment, and the price of marine pumps is included in the cost of ship equipment. The proportion is also relatively large. In the total cost, marine pumps account for about 4%-8% of the cost of ship equipment. Under normal circumstances, the purchase of marine pumps for a medium-sized or larger ship can reach more than 10 million yuan. When it comes to the key pump market, it is necessary to say that my country's completed "West-to-East Gas Transmission" project also needs pump products. At the same time, the country will also build other natural gas pipelines, and a large number of pump products are also required in these projects.

different purposes

Water pumps have different uses, different conveying liquid media, different flow rates, and different head ranges. Therefore, of course, their structural forms and materials are also different. In summary, they can be roughly divided into:

1. Urban water supply 2. Sewage system 3. Civil engineering and building system 4. Agricultural water conservancy system 5. Power station system

6. Chemical system 7. Petroleum industry system 8. Mining and metallurgy system 9. Light industry system 10. Ship system

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