How the rewinding machine works?

  • 2022-10-08 16:17:57

The rewinding machine is the fastest machine in papermaking machinery. Its speed is 1500 ~ 1800m/min, and the highest speed is over 3000m/min. So how does it work? What are the requirements for the craft?

Rewinding machine according to the different properties of the paper can be divided into: shaft winding machine and non-shaft winding machine; According to the different transmission mode can be divided into: single motor drive and double motor drive; According to their different applications can be divided into: pre-rewinding machine, finished rewinding machine, special rewinding machine, the finished rewinding machine has upper paper rewinding machine and lower paper rewinding machine.

The working principle of the rewinding machine: the paper rolls removed from the paper machine are placed on the paper back shelf, the brake device on the paper back shelf makes the paper maintain a certain tension, and the paper rolls brake quickly to reduce the paper loss when the paper is broken. The paper is cut into the required width by the paper guide roller and the slitting mechanism, and then rolled into paper rolls according to the required tightness and diameter.

Technical requirements for rewinding machine

(a) the paper roll needs a certain hardness, and the inside is tight and the outside is loose, the tightness is moderate;

(b) the cross-sectional face of the paper cutter should be flat to facilitate separation and reprocessing;

(c) For coated whiteboard paper, the paper surface is in contact with the take-up roller, and the paper surface can not be worn during the take-up process;

(d) requires a higher speed, at least 3 to 4 times faster than the speed of the whole paper machine.

The hardness of the paper roll can also be expressed as the density, the density is the weight of the roll divided by the volume after the roll is rolled, the higher the density, the higher the hardness; The inner tightness is to prevent the paper roll from being too large and easy to deform in the process of taking, while the outer loosenness is to prevent the paper roll from being too tight and not having enough elasticity and easy to be damaged in the process of transportation. Therefore, the paper roll can neither be too loose nor too tight, and the inner and outer tightness can not be too different.

Paper cutting knife cut the paper in the process of the inevitable meeting between two rolls of paper cut in the formation of an incision ends, in theory can be cut into a plane, but tend to be less than the actual process, cut the uneven in separate two paper roll, two rolls of paper staggered together and inseparable, also do not match the uneven width of paper cutting, may cause problems in use.

Coated whiteboard paper is a coated board paper, coated on the side is a bright coating, rewinding process coated side is in contact with the coiling roller, so can not make the paper wear.

Because the rewinding machine has a large number of manual action process, relatively slow down the silk process, the general statistics of manual dynamic rewinding time accounts for 50% ~ 60%, so in order to ensure the continuity of the paper machine, must require the rewinding machine speed is 3 ~ 4 times of the paper machine.

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