How to maintain CNC automatic punching machine

  • 2023-02-24 19:26:05

The first periodic calibration mold position

In the long-term use process, CNC automatic punching machine mold position will

Slight changes occur, which in the case of accurate punching materials will result in punching

Precision decrease, affect the appearance. Therefore, the mold should be corrected and checked regularly

Whether the mold is shifted, and whether it is loose should be checked.

Regular reinforcement is also one of the important contents of maintenance

Second, check the transfer triangle belt for significant wear

Because the punching material of the professional CNC automatic punching machine has a large difference,

So the wear degree of the traditional triangle belt is also different. Especially for large

Type of workpiece or the heavier hardness of the material after punching, to focus on

Transfer triangle belt inspection, to see if there is no chipping or major wear

Condition. At the same time remind the conveyor belt to replace regularly, so as not to affect the overall stability of the equipment


Third, the screws of each component are fastened

In CNC automatic punching machine work will produce large vibration, so each

The equipment section will have different degrees of screw loosening, which is related to the equipment

The safety of the use of the workpiece as well as the quality of the processing, so to regularly on the various parts

Use a hex wrench to try to move it by light force to prevent it from coming off


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