How to transform the CNC lathe tool holder from 4 stations to 6 stations?

  • 2022-07-25 11:16:31
1. Install a 6-station tool holder, and the center height should be appropriate. (What kind of detection element is the 4-station tool holder, and the 6-station tool holder is also the kind of detection element, so there is no need to change the ladder diagram too much).
2. Connect the wires according to the wiring diagram. (The signals of the fifth and sixth stations should be connected to the input addresses of two vacancies on the I/O board of the PLC)
3. Modify the ladder diagram to add the signals of the fifth and sixth stations.
4. Manual test run, if the motor phase sequence is wrong, adjust the phase sequence.

5. Trial operation in MDI mode to check whether the commanded tool number is consistent with the actual tool number.

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