Knowledge and use of calender

  • 2022-04-13 11:19:23

A calender is composed of two or more rollers arranged in a certain form, under a certain temperature, the rubber or plastic is pressed and stretched into a film of a certain thickness and surface shape, and can be used for fiber curtain canvas or Machinery for hanging glue on steel cord. The calender can be divided into two-roller, three-roller, four-roller and five-roller calender according to the number of rollers; according to the arrangement of the rollers, it can be divided into "L" type, "T" type, "F" type, " Z" type and "S" type, etc.

According to the different specifications of the calender, the thickness of the soft PVC film is also different, ranging from 50 to 1000m, and the minimum thickness of the hard PVC film is 60m
It is pressed into flakes, and the mechanical orientation of the magnetic powder particles is realized, and the bonding performance of the binder and the magnetic powder particles is improved.

In plastic machinery, calenders are usually associated with leading devices such as material conveying, sieving, metering, kneading and plasticizing, follow-up devices such as extraction, traction, embossing, cooling, thickness measurement, coiling, and cutting, as well as transmission, monitoring and heating. Equipment and other components constitute a complete calendering production line to produce soft and hard films, sheets, artificial leather, wallpaper and floor covering rolls and other products.

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