Learn you about the faucet testing machine

  • 2023-03-30 14:59:47
1. Scope of application

The faucet test machine and water nozzle test machine developed by Jinan Schmidt are suitable for the pressure test and flow test of seasonal nozzle metal bribe, room nozzle spiral nozzle, ceramic nozzle and other test pressure of 0-8 mpa (requiring higher pressure can be customized), and the test pressure and test flow are adjustable. It is suitable for factory testing of various nozzle manufacturers and relevant flow detection of testing units.

2. Equipment composition

1) Control system; control the output pressure, flow and other parameters with optional data acquisition system for collecting the flow curve of the test process and printing the test report.

2) Flow output system; using Italian imported flow pump as output source with large output flow and high output efficiency.

3) test platform; used for placing and connecting spray bribe for flow test, and different tooling systems are designed according to different test pieces. The outflow liquid can be recycled to the water tank for easy reuse.

3. Equipment characteristics

1) Equipped with an inlet flow pump, with large output flow and high output pressure.

2) Advanced technology, reasonable structural design, beautiful and generous appearance.

3) An automatic data acquisition system can be selected, which can record the pressure curve and flow curve of the test process.

4) advanced control principle, high control accuracy, can record the instantaneous flow, can also record the wing volume flow.

5) according to the need can be added temperature control function, through the stainless steel heating pipe to add mouth heat, the water temperature can be set from the room temperature of-90℃.

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