Machine Tool Industry should not Forget its Mission

  • 2018-02-06 08:50:17

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The equipment industry is a complete set of equipment for all manufacturing industries : advanced , practical , quality and cheap , which determines the level of manufacturing industry in all walks of life .

The equipment industry can be divided into two categories : the specialized equipment industry , such as the special functions and requirements of the national economy , such as : airplanes , ships , sea workers , automobiles , high - speed rail , military workers and the like ; the other is the general equipment industry , namely , process equipment for providing special equipment for manufacturing , and also can be referred to as basic equipment industries , such as machine tool , heavy machinery , instrumentation , general machinery , robots and " three - base " products , and thus some experts refer to the basic equipment industry .

The tool industry of machine tools is necessary to manufacture special and universal equipment , so the tool industry of machine tools is referred to as " master machine " , so as to provide technological solution and technological equipment for the development of machine tool industry . Whether the enterprise can seize this opportunity , change the " risk " as the " machine " , can win the victory without being inferior . To get rid of the present difficulties , and to make a living , the key is to guide the enterprise from poverty and development . In particular , it is necessary to analyze the deep contradictions , the state of mind , the material condition , the transformation concept , the decision - making and the strengthening of the execution force of the enterprise .

China ' s Manufacturing 2025 " has become a nation ' s will The content of " Made in China 2025 " is " two - way integration " " intelligent manufacturing " , which is also the core of German industry 4.0 . The two - way integration is divided into three parts , the first is the two - way integration of the product , that is , the product is to realize digital , networked control and then intelligent . The second is that the production process management adopts the digital and networking technology , namely , the information technology , and then is intelligent . The second is that the production process management adopts the digital and networking technology , namely the information technology , so as to realize " double - win " . Information management is divided into four levels , one is management ( PLM , ERP , etc . ) , two is executive layer ( MES system ) , the above structure is " background system " , three is control layer ( PLC , DCS , IPC , etc . ) , four is field layer , including numerical control machine tool , robot , digital measuring instrument , 3D equipment , intelligent special equipment , intelligent logistics and warehouse , various intelligent sensors and other entities . Lessons learned to make new contributions to the new era.

This article is divided into two parts , the last part is the analysis of the present situation of the tool industry of the machine tool with 8 words , and the concern about the analysis of the tool , the measuring instrument and the functional component . The second part is thinking: first, influenced by the thought of "GDP on Heroes". Also by the past planned economy era factor inheritance, the Chinese mainstream enterprise steps into "big and complete" the management pattern, only considers the big, our two enterprises enter the world machine tool ranking the top ten. One of them was number one; Second, the guiding ideology and quality of people, especially leaders, determine the rise and fall of enterprises; Third, the weakness of functional components causes the foundation of machine tool industry to be weak; Fourth, reliability, accuracy consistency and maintainability are the weak points of domestic machine tools; Fifth, not familiar with the use of technology, and do not understand the theory of cutting, this is the soft rib of the gold cutting machine, but also the performance of soft power is not strong; Sixth, the whole life quality service, vigorously develop the manufacturing service industry is not enough; Seventh, give play to the role of "04 special" "four two thousand pounds", to benefit the whole industry, improve the level of the industry. I appeal to industry colleagues "know shame and then brave", "death and then live", otherwise can not keep up with the new era. Realize the dream of powerful nation.

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