Machining process of faucet

  • 2023-02-09 10:11:10
1. What is machining

It usually refers to the use of metal cutting lathes, milling, drilling, planing, grinding, boring and other machine tools to perform various cutting processes on the workpiece, so that the workpiece can achieve the required dimensional accuracy and shape position accuracy and meet the drawing requirements.

2. Lathe

It refers to the machine tool that takes the rotation of the workpiece as the main motion and the movement of the turning tool as the feed motion to process the rotary surface. Divided by use: instrument lathes, horizontal lathes, CNC lathes, etc.

3. Milling machine

It refers to a machine tool that mainly uses a milling cutter to process various surfaces on a workpiece. Usually the rotation of the milling cutter is the main movement, and the movement of the workpiece (and) the milling cutter is the feed movement.

4. Drilling machine

It refers to a machine tool that mainly uses a drill to process holes in a workpiece. Generally, the rotation of the drill bit is the main movement, and the axial movement of the drill bit is the feed movement.

5. Brief description of the faucet machining process

In order to meet the frequent assembly and disassembly and repetitive batch faucet processing, it is necessary to manufacture auxiliary fixtures and mold cutting tools for various processing requirements. First, select the fixture tool and the workpiece for mold adjustment and trial processing. After passing the first piece inspection, it will be formally mass-produced. During the process, the operator will conduct self-inspection, inspectors will conduct inspections, and all inspections will be carried out after completion. Only qualified products can flow to the next process. Perform a pressure test. On the pressure testing machine, the air pressure of 0.6Mpa is passed into the sealing shell, and the faucet shell is immersed in water to observe whether the sealing performance of the joint parts of the shell and the cavity meets the requirements. All products that pass the test are treated with lead release to eliminate trace lead elements on the surface of the inner cavity to make faucet products more in line with the requirements of environmental protection indicators, low toxicity and less harm.

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