The complete working principle of the cutting machine

  • 2022-06-27 09:49:25
The CNC cutting machine uses a digital program to drive the movement of the machine tool. When the machine tool moves, the randomly equipped cutting tool cuts the object. This kind of mechatronics cutting machine is called CNC cutting machine.
CNC cutting machines are divided into flame cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, etc. according to different cutting methods, but the most used are flame cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, flame-plasma dual-purpose cutting machines and laser cutting machines.
The working principle of the flame cutting machine: the use of acetylene or propane industrial gas combustion to release a lot of heat to melt the plate, and blow off the slag to form a slit for cutting. (There is hanging slag, generally need secondary processing)
The working principle of the plasma cutting machine: the high temperature of the plasma arc is used to melt the plate, and the air compressor is used to blow off the slag to form a cutting method. (There is a small amount of slag, and the cutting speed is fast)

The working principle of the laser cutting machine: the focused high-power density laser beam is used to irradiate the plate, and the effect of light and matter causes the temperature of the plate to rise rapidly to melt and gasify, and the slag is blown away with the help of compressed gas to form a slit. cutting method. (Basically no slag, fast cutting speed and highest cutting quality)

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