The correct way of wrapping ptfe tape

  • 2021-08-19 10:06:06

1. The raw material tape needs to be wound along the thread direction, which greatly reduces the sealing performance.

2. Do not wrap all threads with raw material tape. In addition to avoiding the raw material tape from entering the pipe, it will also reduce the sealing performance. It is recommended to start winding from the second thread at the beginning of the thread, leaving the first thread out.

3. When winding the raw material tape, a little force is required to ensure that the raw material tape is wound without being broken. The raw material tape wound in this way is tight and firm enough to ensure airtightness.

4. As for a few turns of the raw material tape, I believe that the master must have his own experience, but here I remind everyone that the thickness of the back half of the wound raw material tape is thicker, that is, the front is thinner and the back is thicker, so that the thread is more twisted. Tighten, increase sealing performance.

5. After the raw material tape is wound, do not unthread the threaded pipe once it is tightened, otherwise it needs to be re-wound and tightened.

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