What are the processing steps of the faucet cartridge?

  • 2023-01-11 11:48:47
Processing steps of faucet cartridge:
One: precision casting cartridge.
Two: machine tool processing.
Three: Assembly version of the rubber ring and plastic parts.

Common faucet spools have steel ball cartridges and ceramic spools. The steel ball cartridge has good pressure resistance, but the disadvantage is that the rubber sealing ring that acts as a seal is easy to wear and age quickly. Compared with the steel ball cartridge, the ceramic cartridge is more heat-resistant and wear-resistant. At the same time, the ceramic cartridge itself has good sealing performance, so it can achieve a high resistance to opening times, and will not cause the nozzle to drip due to the wear of the cartridge. The faucet with ceramic valve core is more comfortable and smooth to the touch, and it opens and closes quickly. Since the cartridge is inside the faucet, consumers cannot see the spool when purchasing, but consumers can simply judge whether the cartridge is good or not based on the feel when turning the handle. Generally speaking, consumers turn the handle up, down, left, and right. If it feels light and has no sense of blockage, it means that the valve core is better.

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