What is brass rod automatic cutting machine?

  • 2021-12-09 10:45:23
The brass rod automatic cutting machine is one of the main equipment produced by our factory. The feeding and feeding actions of this model are completed by the speed-regulating motor driving the corresponding mechanical parts. The feeding motor is controlled by the frequency converter. The intensity can be easily controlled. When the machine is automatically running and cutting, it will perform continuous automatic feeding, automatic cutting, cutting separation motion and accurate counting according to the preset length. When the material is sent out, it will start an emergency signal prompt and automatically cut off the power supply. The end face of the cut workpiece is vertical and the size is accurate. Using this machine will improve work efficiency, reduce labor, one person can operate multiple machines, reliable and simple operation, high safety factor, very suitable for cutting copper and aluminum materials, aluminum alloys, aluminum profiles, is an ideal addition equipment for valves, electrical appliances and other industries.
1 Wide range of applications: can saw round rods, square rods, hexagonal rods and other shapes of brass and aluminum materials;
2 High efficiency and energy saving: The cutting speed is fast, and one person can manage multiple machines, reducing labor costs, and the length and verticality are more accurate, saving materials;
3 Integrated functions: with functions such as automatic feeding, fixed length, variable frequency feed, cutting separation and overload protection;
4 Stable performance: the use of conventional mechanical transmission mechanism and high-quality components to ensure stable and reliable work.

5 More perfect: the safety shield is installed, which not only improves the appearance, but also increases the sense of security.

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