What is continuous casting machine?

  • 2022-11-21 15:41:13
The production process of continuously casting high-temperature molten steel into a billet with a certain cross-sectional shape and a certain size specification is called continuous steel casting.

The equipment required to complete this process is called continuous casting equipment. The electromechanical and hydraulic integration of steel pouring equipment, continuous casting machine body equipment, cutting area equipment, dummy bar collection and conveying equipment constitutes the core equipment of continuous steel casting, which is customarily called continuous casting machine.

Continuous casting machines can be classified in various forms. According to the structural shape, the continuous casting machine can be divided into vertical continuous casting machine, vertical bending continuous casting machine, arc continuous casting machine with straight line segment, arc continuous casting machine, multi-radius oval continuous casting machine and horizontal continuous casting machine. With the development of continuous casting technology, research on wheel continuous casting machines, especially thin slab continuous casting machines, has been carried out.
If it is distinguished according to the size and shape of the section cast by the continuous casting machine, the continuous casting machine can be divided into a slab continuous casting machine, a billet continuous casting machine, a bloom continuous casting machine, a round billet continuous casting machine, and a special-shaped section Continuous casting machines and thin slab continuous casting machines. The billet continuous casting machine also includes the rectangular billet continuous casting machine. Usually, the cast slab with a casting cross-section or an equivalent cross-sectional area greater than 200×200mm is called a bloom, and a billet with a cross-section or an equivalent cross-sectional area smaller than 160×160mm is called a billet. , the aspect ratio is greater than 3 rectangular blanks are called slabs.
If it is distinguished by the number of strands that can be cast by the continuous casting machine under the same ladle, it can be divided into single-strand, double-strand or multi-strand continuous casting machines.

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