What is rotary polishing machine?

  • 2022-08-15 11:01:51
Rotary Polisher
Scope of use:
The high-precision traction precision grinding and polishing machine is suitable for grinding and polishing of high-end precision workpieces such as watches, watch cases, medical equipment, and jewelry.

Through the combination of different chucks, abrasive tools and processes, it is widely used in high-precision grinding and polishing of tool edge passivation, wire drawing, post-plating polishing, jewelry, jewelry, etc. Mirror polishing and grinding of medical devices such as watch cases and straps.

How the device works:
The drag grinder is a dry grinding surface treatment equipment, which is widely used in high-precision grinding and polishing such as tool edge passivation, round guide, post-coating polishing, jewelry, and mirror polishing of watch cases. Strip and grind medical devices through a combination of different collets, tools and processes. The working area of the machine consists of stainless steel grinding wheels equipped with polishing and grinding media. The rotating mechanism driven by the speed regulating motor is equipped with a planetary gear mechanism. The workpiece chuck clamps workpiece tools, jewelry, watch cases, medical equipment and other workpieces, and the chuck is suspended on the planetary gear transmission turntable. The disc workpiece rotates and rotates, and each chuck can be rotated individually. At the same time slowly insert the workpiece down into the abrasive bucket until the machined part of the workpiece is completely immersed in the medium. In the process of high-speed rotation, there is solid friction between the workpiece and the medium, which avoids the collision between the workpieces.
So as to achieve the passivation, grinding and polishing effects of the workpiece.

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