What is shaft drilling machine?

  • 2022-11-28 15:43:20

Drilling machine is a general term for machinery and equipment that uses a tool that is harder and sharper than the target to leave a cylindrical hole or hole on the target by means of rotary cutting or rotary extrusion. Also known as drilling rigs, punching machines, drilling machines, through-hole machines, etc. The desired effect is achieved by drilling precision parts. Drilling machines include semi-automatic drilling machines and fully automatic drilling machines. With the increase in human resource costs; most companies consider fully automatic drilling machines as the development direction . With the development of the times, the drilling technology of automatic drilling machines has improved, and the advantages of using automatic drilling machines to drill various metal molds, strap drilling, strap drilling, and jewelry are obvious.

operating procedures
In order to make better use of the existing mechanized equipment in our mine, improve the performance of the mechanized equipment and play its optimal role. Prompt our mine workers to take the operation level of mechanized equipment to a higher level? Specially formulate the operating procedures for drilling machines.

1. Preparatory work before starting the machine

① Carefully check whether all parts of the drilling machine are complete.

②Whether the screws are loose or not.

③Whether the lubricating oil reaches the required position.

④Whether the control button is flexible and reliable.

⑤ Whether the drill pipe and drill bit are damaged.

⑥Whether the bracket is broken or not.

⑦Whether the spraying facilities are installed in place.

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