What is the burst tester?

  • 2022-01-27 15:06:26
The test medium is water or emulsion or hydraulic oil, and the maximum test pressure can reach 320MPa; it can provide various control methods such as manual control, digital display automatic control, and computer automatic control. Depending on the working conditions, a single-pump or double-pump booster mode can be used. 1. Equipment use
Suitable for valves, pipe fittings, pipes, connectors, pressure vessels, steering pipes for automobile brake hoses, fuel pipes, air-conditioning pipes and hydraulic equipment, construction machinery, mining machinery hydraulic hoses of various metal pipes, non-metal pipes, joints and High-pressure and ultra-high-pressure blasting and static pressure test inspection of accessories and other pressurized equipment. At the same time, it is also suitable for scientific research and inspection departments as testing tools.
2. Equipment parameters
Driving pressure: 0-0.8mpa
Test pressure: 0-320mpa (adjustable pressure, select the appropriate pressure according to customer needs)
Control mode: manual, automatic
Pressure accuracy: 1%fs
Test temperature: room temperature
3. Basic working principle The equipment mainly uses compressed air as the power source and the gas-liquid booster pump as the pressure source. The output pressure is realized by adjusting the driving air pressure, and the frequency of boosting is controlled by the flow of the input air. , so as to control the output flow of the system. The whole set of equipment is compact in structure, simple in operation, safe and reliable, and realizes the function of computer automatic control.
4. Features of the equipment (1). The equipment can realize the functions of blasting test, leakage test and pressure test, and the test pressure can be adjusted steplessly. (2) The main components are equipped with our company's mature product pneumatic booster device, which can easily realize any adjustable and controllable output pressure. Use hydraulic pressure to tighten the sample and ensure its airtightness. (3). The pipeline system adopts non-welded connection, advanced technology and reasonable structure design. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and beautiful appearance.

5. During the test, pressure compensation can be performed automatically; after the specimen ruptures, the pressure drops rapidly, and the system automatically stops pressurizing.

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