what is the dust removal equipment

  • 2022-12-12 11:23:54

In some special jobs, workers are exposed to a lot of dust, such as the miners,construction worker.  With the worsening of air pollution,we are exposed to a lot of dust even when we are not working.Dust pollution directly threatens people's lives, especially in the dust pollution of the environment can cause a variety of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, etc. Dust on the health of the elderly and children is very harmful, dust pollution, too much dust, not only easy to breed bacteria, viruses, but also on the skin health has great harm.

Dust removal equipment refers to the equipment that separates dust from flue gas, also called dust remover or dust removal equipment. The dust removal equipment is to use the underground dust removal water pipe and pressure air pipe, add certain additives in the water, introduce the wind pressure, complete a series of technological processes through the special equipment, generate foam, and spray to the dust source through the distributor and nozzle bracket assembly.

Let us find out centralized large compartmentalized dust removal system. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. This dust removal system is suitable for thermal power, waste incineration, cement. mining, steel, ferrous metal smelting and casting, ceramics, wood industry...etc , where a large amount of smoke and dust is generated.

2. Due to the large air volume of the system, it can be installed at the end of a cyclone dust collector or electrostatic precipitator to treat fine dust particles.

3. Special explosion-proor dust collection systems can be customized according to the explosive dust involved.

4. It can be customized according to the soot medium and adhesion to clean dust room by room or pulse-independent cleaning structure mode.

5. Dust removal efficiency: 99.9%, emission concentration<20mg/m3, special customized emission concentration<10mg/m3

6. Since ash discharge adopts the automatic ash conveying method, it will not cause secondary pollution.

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