What is the pressure cycle tester?

  • 2022-06-06 10:03:55
The pressure tester is an instrument used for pressure resistance, pressure holding test and vacuum holding pressure test with helium and nitrogen as the test medium. production workshop.
Pressure tester: In the production process of air-conditioning units and fin heat exchangers, it is necessary to test the sealing performance and pressure resistance of products. Generally, the reading of the precision pressure gauge is manually read, and the starting pressure and the pressure after the holding time are recorded. By comparing and calculating the pressure difference, it is determined whether the pressure resistance of the product meets the process requirements.
Folding has the following functions:
1. Replace manual reading, fool-like operation. It is allowed to replace sensors with different ranges, and it is necessary to modify the range data of the corresponding channel on the digital panel.

2. Modify the pressure setting value and pressure holding time through the digital panel.

3. The device has the function of double-point correction of measurement data, which can ensure the accuracy of measurement data.

4. During the pressure test, even if there is no leakage, the pressure will change with the temperature. The device converts the pressure according to the ideal gas equation through the auxiliary temperature measuring point, so that the read pressure data is the same as the temperature state at the beginning of the test. Make the test results of withstand voltage performance more scientific and reliable.

5. The device is provided with historical record reading software, which can read the historical data recorded in the PLC into the PC through the Ethernet, and automatically generate a report and print it as an electronic document in PDF format.

6. The device can carry out pressure test of multiple samples at the same time, and set the test parameters separately. Multiple test channels can work independently without interfering with each other. The test results are automatically stored, and each channel can store up to 20 test data. In addition to monitoring its test status on the digital panel, it is also equipped with a three-color status indicator to indicate the sample test status, enabling unattended testing.

7. The device is specially designed with a short-term power-off to restore the test function. During the test process, the power supply is allowed to be temporarily turned off (for accurate timing, it is recommended that the power be cut off for no more than one minute).

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