What is the salt spray machine?

  • 2022-03-01 11:38:15

Salt spray machine, alias "salt spray box", is one of the three-proof series of artificial environment. It mainly simulates the damage caused by the surrounding climate of the ocean to the product. It is suitable for galvanizing, coating, electronic electrician, zipper button, etc. industrial goods. It is divided into three types: neutral test, acid test and alkaline test. The participating standard is GB, and can also be ISO, ASTMB-117, DIN and other international standards.

Test methods that can be done:
Neutral Salt Spray Test (NSS Test)
Salt spray test (SS test)
Acetic acid salt spray test (ASS test)
Copper accelerated vinegar instinct test
High temperature damp heat test

Operating temperature
Test temperature:
Neutral salt spray test: laboratory: 35℃±1℃, b. Saturated air barrel: 47℃±1℃
Acid corrosion test: laboratory: 50℃±1℃, b. Saturated air barrel: 63℃±1℃
Can also be set according to JIS, CNS and other standards

Material structure
Box material: The whole test box is imported PVC reinforced rigid plastic plate, the surface is smooth and smooth, and it is resistant to aging and corrosion; it is easy to clean and has no leakage.
Material of the box cover: made of fully transparent imported impact-resistant sheet, which is convenient for observing the test condition of the test sample during the test
Salt water tank material: imported PVC board, super large salt water tank design, to prevent the test from being interrupted due to lack of salt water
High pressure air pipe material: copper pipe or rubber pipe
Saturated air barrel: using imported high-grade stainless steel (SUS304) plate; using Henry's law, heating and humidifying, and providing the humidity required for the experiment
(Saturated air bucket function: heating, humidifying and oil filtration for the compressed air)
All pipes in the test chamber are made of thickened fluorosilicone rubber pipes, which can be kept without aging and cracking for 15 years.
salt spray machine

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