What machines do you need to make a faucet?

  • 2022-09-19 10:04:57
Production of faucets
Copper ingots→dissolving→casting (low-grade sand casting, high-quality faucet gravity casting)→post-casting cleaning→casting inspection→machining→tolerance inspection→grinding→surface inspection→electroplating→plating inspection→assembly→pressure test→ Finished product inspection → packaging → delivery.
Casting: low-grade castings are cast by sand casting, high-quality faucets are cast by gravity, and the newer technology is die-casting. One-time pressure grinding is similar to the current zinc alloy die-casting process.

Quality control: The quality in the production process before the finished product is controlled by the quality control, and the quality assurance department will conduct random inspections from the later cost to the packaging, mainly to check the packaging and placement of the products.

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