Working principle and function of automatic decapping machine.

  • 2022-05-31 10:53:16
Automatic decapping machine, also known as intelligent cap opener, automatic cap opener, sample tube cap opener, its working principle is mainly the opening and closing functions of virus sampling tubes and sample tubes, and infrared sensors are used to judge sampling tubes in real time. At the same time, it sends out the command signal of opening and closing the cover, automatically recognizes the clamping tube cover, and completes the action of opening and closing the cover. It only takes 3.5 seconds to open and close the cover.

Automatic cap opener function:
1: The experimenter can quickly complete the operation of opening and closing the cover by holding the tube with one hand, and the operation of opening and closing the cover only takes 3.5 seconds in total.
2: The induction triggers automatically and intelligently to complete the switch cover operation. No buttons or footswitches required.
3: It can be adapted to screw virus storage tubes with a diameter of 10-28mm on the market.
4: The command signals for opening and closing the cover are all triggered and started by the sensor, and 96 specimens opening and closing the cover and adding liquid are completed in 10 minutes.
5: Count display, record the number of sample tubes added.
6: The count is cleared, and the count can be cleared with one key at any time.

7: It can be used for other specifications of screw tubes, and can be adapted to 1-50 ml screw tubes by changing the clamping device.

8: Anti-pollution, intelligent capping, reduce cross-contamination.
9: Portable and convenient, small size and complete functions.

10: High automation program, color touch screen display.

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