Working Principle of Fiber Laser?

  • 2023-06-05 16:09:26
The working principle of fiber laser is as follows:

The pump light emitted by the pump source is coupled into the gain medium through a mirror. Since the gain medium is a rare-earth-doped fiber, the pump light is absorbed, and the rare-earth ions that have absorbed the energy of the photon undergo an energy level transition and achieve particle count. Inversion, the inverted particles pass through the resonator, transition from the excited state to the ground state, release energy, and form a stable laser output.

The working principle of fiber laser is mainly based on the special structure of fiber laser. The laser is composed of three parts: the working substance, the pump source and the resonant cavity. The specific functions are as follows:

1. The gain fiber is the gain medium for generating photons.

2. The role of the pumping light is as external energy to make the gain medium achieve population inversion, that is, the pumping source.

3. The optical resonant cavity is composed of two mirrors, the function is to make photons get feedback and amplify in the working medium.

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