Working principle of punching machine

  • 2023-03-15 15:15:25

The stainless steel punching machine adopts the lever principle, the force is applied by the screw rod, the operation is convenient and labor-saving, the punching is precise, uniform and smooth, and the punching is completed in one time without secondary punching. The stainless steel punching machine is developed from ultra-high-strength steel plates, with excellent quality, long service life and easy movement. The stainless steel punching machine has the following advantages in use:

1. Program control, fully automatic operation, which is labor-saving and efficient;
The stainless steel punching machine adopts program control in initial positioning, punching, material return, walking mode, hole position arrangement, punching quantity control, etc., as long as the program is entered, automatic operation can be carried out, which saves labor and costs.
2. Move the lifting car to make the stainless steel punching machine move and displace at will;
3. The large-capacity hydraulic pump station and the stainless steel pipe punching machine can ensure the stainless steel punching machine to work uninterrupted throughout the day;
In order to ensure the uninterrupted work of the punching machine every day, the CNC hydraulic automatic punching machine developed and produced by Pingyi Huiyuan Machinery Factory supplies the punching machine, which is equipped with a high-power precision motor and a large-capacity hydraulic pump station, which can Ensure that the punching machine works continuously for eight hours a day without interruption.
4. The hydraulic lifting head can automatically adjust the height of the punching machine with the suspension of the workpiece;
5. Set the trapezoidal feeding port, which can make the work quickly enter the punching position;
6. Wireless remote control, convenient and fast;
All the operation procedures of the stainless steel punching machine can be completed by the remote control system, which is not only safe, convenient and convenient to use, but also easy to work.
7. The presser can be adjusted, which is convenient for punching and returning materials;
8. The electromagnet is adsorbed and positioned to ensure the fast fixing of the punching machine;
9. Laser initial hole positioning, quickly lock the reference hole.
The stainless steel punching machine completely abandons the traditional positioning method and adopts the "laser" positioning method to solve the most difficult first hole positioning problem in the automatic punching process. This "laser positioning" is fast and accurate. It is a modern, Scientific positioning method.
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