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Comprehensive Testing Machine Main Principles and functions of Equipment.

  • September 27, 2021

The water supply system required for equipment testing consists of a hot water system and a cold water system, both of which usehigh-performance water pumps, andlt adopts fully automatic frequency conversion control, only need to manually set the water pressure value on the man-machine interface and turn on the water pump switch. Among them, the refrigeration system has two functions of cooling and auxiliary heating. When the temperature is high, the refrigeration is turned on, and vice versa. , Turn on auxiliary heat (auxiliary heat when the water temperature is low in winter).

1. The heating system provides the hot water temperature required for the test, and the refrigeration system provides the cold water temperature required for the test. The cold and hot water temperatures can be easily set and are automatically controlled by a thermocouple and PLC. The temperature control accuracy can reach ±2°C;

2. The cold water pump water supply system provides the cold water pressure required for the test, and the hot water pump water supply system provides the hot water pressure required for the test. Both the cold and hot water pressures are controlled by constant pressure frequency conversion. The closed-loop control principle is adopted and 0.5 is installed in the pressure test pipeline. The high-precision pressure sensor detects the pipeline pressure value in real time, and converts it into a 4-20mA signal and transmits it to the PLC signal acquisition module. The PLC outputs the corresponding signal to the frequency conversion according to the preset program and the pressure value set by the touch screen. Through the conversion of the output frequency of the inverter, the control of the constant pressure value of the output water pressure of the pressure water pump is realized:


3. The cold and hot supply and return water valve system is controlled by the PLC system. Through the touch screen parameter setting and the PLC built-in program, the alternate supply function of cold and hot water to the test sample can be realized, and the cold and hot water can be recovered separately. The circulating water can be reused after reheating or cooling to achieve the purpose of water saving and energy saving;

4. Drive device: The pressure used in the life test is automatically controlled by an air cylinder, and the drive head is equipped with soft materials to ensure that the pressing surface of the test sample is in flexible contact, and the effect of protecting the product is obtained;

5. Tooling and fixture: use the standard water tank required by JC987-2005: 400X175X300 (mm), the water tank has a hole inside, and the size of the hole can be changed to facilitate the realization of the joint, and obtain products of different specifications within the requirements of the test standard;

6. The electronic control system adopts PLC and touch screen, which can set the total test times, the test ratio of large/small gears, the pressing hold time, the stop water supply time and other functional parameters, and the water pump, solenoid valve, reversing valve, driving cylinder, etc. Carry out corresponding control;

7. Other instructions:

A. The human-machine interface touch screen screen can indicate the on-off status of the cold and hot water outlet valves and the cold and hot water return valves, and can indicate the current working status of the test product;

B. During the test, if there is an abnormality or the number of tests arrives, the man-machine interface automatically pops up an information screen, explaining the cause of the alarm, when it occurred, and the measures to be taken (or the number of tests at a certain station arrives and needs to be cleared), and guides the operator to make an alarm Relieve and troubleshoot;

The C system has its own printing function, and the data can be output in real time after the test is completed.

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