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  • Full Automatic Rewinding Machine
    Full Automatic Rewinding Machine
    • May 21, 2021

    In order to adapt to the processing technology of the coil, the automatic rewinding machine needs to be equipped with the spindle speed control function. The rewinding equipment should be processed by the type and configuration is also different. The types of spindle motors that we are more familiar with include AC motors, DC motors, and servo drives. For these three types of motors, the speed regulation methods used by these motors have their own characteristics. (1)The speed regulation method of AC motor: this kind of motor itself has no speed regulation function, it needs to realize the speed regulation function through the electromagnetic speed regulation device or install the frequency converter. In the winding equipment, we are more common in the frequency converter speed regulation function. In this way, the frequency converter is controlled by the control system of the winding equipment to make the motor have the function of speed regulation. This method also has a certain energy-saving effect. (2)The speed control method of DC motor: DC motor needs to convert the supplied power into DC power to drive the motor. Therefore, DC motors are equipped with DC speed control boards or brushless drives to drive and control the motor. Because of the small size of the motor, it is small winding The amount of applications in the equipment is relatively large. (3).Speed control method of servo drive motor: It is a precision moving part suitable for high-precision winding equipment. It is used in conjunction with a dedicated drive to achieve closed-loop operation control. The biggest feature of this type of motor is constant torque and closed-loop operation, which is used to meet Processing requirements for high-precision coils.

  • Why CNC Lathes become more and more important?
    Why CNC Lathes become more and more important?
    • December 16, 2020

    The Metalock Engineering Group has always been at the forefront of cost-effective specialist engineering services. Now the group has developed a new on-site computer numerical control (CNC) machining equipment for on-site machining operations. Due to technological advancements, CNC lathes are quickly replacing some of the older and more traditionally used production lathes, such as the multispindle. CNC lathes come with a number of benefits. They can be easily set up and operated. They offer tremendous repeatability, along with top-notch accuracy in production. Like other CNC machines,CNC lathes have become a major part of the manufacturing industry in recent years. So, it is expected that the operations of such machines will continue to improve and carry significant weight in this field.

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