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The working principle of spraying machine

  • April 13, 2022

The main working part of the spraying machine is a double-acting pneumatic-hydraulic booster pump, and the reversing mechanism is a special form of pilot-type full-air-controlled air distribution reversing device. After entering the compressed air, when the piston moves to the upper end or lower end of the cylinder, the upper pilot valve or the lower pilot valve is activated, and the air flow is controlled to instantly push the gas distribution reversing device to change direction, so that the piston of the air motor can make a stable and continuous reciprocating motion. . Since the piston is rigidly connected to the plunger in the paint plunger pump, and the area of the piston is larger than that of the plunger. The inhaled paint is thus pressurized. The pressurized paint is transported to the airless spray gun through the high-pressure hose, and finally the hydraulic pressure is released at the airless nozzle, and sprayed to the surface of the coated object after instantaneous atomization to form a coating layer.

The emergence of automatic spraying machines automates the production process and reduces manual input time. The automatic spraying machine can realize the electrostatic spraying process, and this process is more and more widely used. At present, most car manufacturers' painting lines use high-voltage electrostatic automatic spraying systems.

Adjusting the shaping air volume of the sprayer can control the size of the spraying fan. The lower the shaping air volume, the larger the spraying fan. Appropriately reducing the amount of shaping air can reduce the long-wave orange peel of the paint film; however, when the amount of shaping air is too low, the sprayed paint mist will contaminate the rotating cup.

The rotating speed of the rotary cup is the factor that has the greatest influence on the atomized particle size of the coating. When the rotating speed of the rotary cup is too low, the paint is poorly atomized, resulting in a rough paint film; the higher the rotating speed, the smaller the atomized particle size of the paint, and the better the smoothness of the paint film, but too fine atomization will lead to the loss of paint mist, and Will cause excessive wear of the automatic sprayer turbine bearing.

Therefore, for solvent-based coatings, the rotating speed of the spraying machine should be controlled when spraying the middle coating and the color paint. When spraying the varnish, the rotating speed of the spraying machine should be controlled at 20000 ~ 35000r/min. At the same time, if the distance is too large, it will not only affect the utilization rate of the coating, but also adversely affect the smoothness of the coating.

In fact, the surface finish of the coating is best when the spray flow reaches the critical state of sag. Therefore, several sets of different spraying control parameters can be determined according to the actual production situation, so that the spraying flow can always be guaranteed to be in a state of flow and non-flow.

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