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The working principle of the automatic punching machine

  • March 01, 2022

1. Machine parameters: mainly the setting and adjustment of mechanical hardware parameters. The speed can be adjusted according to the demand. The rest have been determined before leaving the factory and generally do not need to be changed manually. 

2. Sampling parameters: mainly used for sampling, offset center image point correction, error testing, graphic imaging adjustment. Should be proficient in its use. 

3. Punching: Click to punch the punching material individually. 

4. Press material: Click to press material separately. 

5. Sampling: The quick sampling button can automatically sample the graphics. Generally, it is best to enter the editing template of "Sampling Parameters" after sampling to adjust the center of the graph to the center of the crosshair. 

6. Save the template: The sampling graphics in the editing template can be saved 

7. Loading the template: The saved sampling graphics can be called for use 

8. Count reset: the counter is automatically reset to 0. 9. Reset: The mechanical hardware limit resets to zero and returns to the set point. 

10. Blow mold: turn on the blowing waste switch separately. 

11. Compensation: To adjust the fixed offset of the graphic, click the corresponding direction key once, and click Correct to confirm the compensation. 

12. Manual processing: Manual processing is available for unrecognized graphics. Align the figure in the cross circle and punch the hole. 

13. Stop processing: stop the automatic processing state. 

14. Exit the system: Exit the punching machine interface. 

15. Automatic processing: enter the automatic processing state. 

The automatic punching machine produced by our company has three characteristics: 

1. High punching precision! It adopts computer control, CCD camera positioning, imported precision screw guide rail transmission, equipped with precision punching tools, and imported air cylinder to control punching. Ensure punching error: ≤±0.008mm.

2: The punching speed is fast! High-speed and stable motor, and high-computing industrial computer, the punching speed can reach 0.5 seconds per hole! 

3: The equipment is highly stable! All major spare parts are made of imported materials, and a strong software development team ensures long-term stability of the equipment! Equipment life to ensure punching accuracy!

Technical parameters: Automatic punching machine Punching diameter: Φ1-Φ5mm (standard) (customized can be larger) Automatic punching machine display: 8-inch LCD display "Circle" Peugeot double circle diagram)

Working air pressure: 0.4-0.7MPa Automatic punching machine punching error: ≤±0.008mm Automatic punching machine power consumption: 0.4kw Automatic punching machine voltage AC220V-240V 

Dimensions: 1250×770MM ( L×W) Net weight: 200KG

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