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What is the Sand Slinger Moulding Machine?

  • January 13, 2022

Foundry equipment for making sand molds. Its main functions are: filling sand, filling the loose sand into the sand box; compacting sand, compacting the loose sand in the sand box by different methods such as shaking, compaction, shock pressure, and injection pressure, so that the sand mold It has the necessary strength in the process of handling and pouring; the mold is removed, and the pattern is taken out from the compacted sand mold by different mechanisms. The molding machine first appeared in the middle of the 19th century. The early molding machine was a simple manual compaction mechanism with a mold release. Later, compressed air was used as the power to shake and compact the molding sand. In 1890, the shock molding machine appeared, which improved the molding efficiency and sand mold accuracy. The molding machine can be divided into compaction type, vibration type, vibration pressure type, injection pressure type molding machine and sand blasting machine according to the different methods of compacting the molding sand.

Sand Slinger Molding Machine

Molding machine is a common casting machinery. When using the molding machine, pay attention to its operating points to ensure safe use at work. Many people do not know much about the use of the molding machine, and think that as long as it is put into use, it can work normally. Correct and safe use of the molding machine can prolong the working life of the molding machine and improve the production quality. The main points of the safe operation of the molding machine are as follows:

1. When using the molding machine, the operator should be familiar with the mechanical parts, electrical components, action procedures, lubrication system, etc. of the molding machine, as well as other requirements specified in the use of the equipment.
Molding machine compaction sand mold program 4 steps: tap, indenter swing in, compaction, indenter swing out.
Molding machine ejection procedure: worktable clamping, ejector pin lifting, sand box transporting away, chassis resetting.

2. When using the molding machine, before starting the equipment, check whether the lubrication device of the molding machine is perfect, and refuel according to the regulations, check whether the tight parts are tightened, whether the operating handles are in the zero position (empty position), and whether the air valve is in motion. Flexible, check whether there is air leakage in the pipeline, and then open the main air valve to release the accumulated air and water in the pipeline.

3. It is strictly forbidden to drive an empty car. It must be tested under a load to check whether the working conditions are normal, and refuel and lubricate the places that should be refueled. The work can be carried out after the test drive is normal.

4. Carefully observe the operation of the molding machine when using it. During the operation, air should be used to blow off the sand in the lubricating parts and the running parts. It is strictly forbidden to stick sand in each lubricating part.

5. When the molding machine is in use, the action of opening and closing the handle valve should be stable.

6. After each modeling work, the workbench should be cleaned before the second modeling work can be started.

7. After the molding machine is used, return the handle to the zero (empty) position, close the valves, clean the equipment, clean the site, keep the sliding (rotating) parts of the equipment clean and lubricated, and carefully inspect the tools and molds.
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